Discovery Mandy Weekly II

Amanda Jagus

Consequences of Sound

Valentine‰’s day is right around the corner, and love is in the air whether you like it or not. I forgot about it, myself, until I realized that my discovery weekly playlist was basically force-feeding me songs about love. Everybody might not have a significant other to spend V-day with, but that doesn‰’t mean that everybody has to stop listening to love songs. Whether you‰’re snuggling up with your boyfriend or the domino‰’s delivery guy, there‰’s a jam for you this February 14th.

Long Term Relationship: “First Kiss‰” by Safakash

This remix of a melancholy tune from the 50‰’s is perfect for the couple that wants to be romantic without having to break out the traditional love songs. The Canadian artist has only racked up 36,000 monthly listeners on Spotify so you‰’ll be sure to surprise your boyfriend or girlfriend during your romantic night. Remixes aren‰’t your thing? Check out the original song “First Kiss‰” by the Norman Petty Trio.

Flirty and Single: “Take Me Home‰” by Bryce Vine

Looking for a V-day fling? Listen to this song before heading out on Valentine‰’s weekend. Bryce Vine combines lyrics that sound straight from top 40 with a west-coast feel that I love to hate. The catchy beat will play through your head while you try to catch that cutie‰’s eye from across the room.

Netflix and Chill: “Between Us‰” by Elenne ft. Mothica

Find yourself with your old hookup buddy this V-day and don‰’t know what to do after that episode of The Office you were half-heartedly watching ends? Put on some Elenne to complete the “Valentines and Chill‰” vibe. The slow electronic beats are perfect for spending time with that kind-of-special someone.

Forever Alone: “The River‰” by Leon Bridges

Although I‰’m strongly against pouting on Valentine‰’s Day, this song is great when spending some quality time with yourself. Leon Bridges infuses acoustic sounds with lyrics reminiscent of 60s soul to create something really special. This is the type of song that comes on shuffle, and you just have to stop what you‰’re doing to appreciate it.

Valentine‰’s Day does not have to be a dreaded day for single people everywhere. Order some pizza, text your mom that you love her, and check out some new music on Spotify, you‰’ll never know what you‰’ll find!