A Profession of Love for The 1975

Calkie Fisseha

Courtesy of Swindon Advertiser

Here‰’s a warning: this isn‰’t a review. I chose not to review The 1975‰’s new album because I realized it wouldn‰’t be a fair one. There was NO way I could be unbiased.

As the staple hip hop head of every single one of my friend groups, you wouldn‰’t think I love this British indie pop band as much as I do. My love affair with The 1975 is no secret to people I knew in high school. I was pretty open about my borderline obsession. But as I grew older and started discover my love for hip hop, I thought my admiration would die down. BOY WAS I WRONG. I always revert back to their debut self-titled album whenever I miss home, or just want to listen to straight up good music. It‰’s one of those albums that has a song to match every mood you have.

Regardless of what anyone says, The 1975 is a different kind of band. They fall into the “indie‰” category, but the label doesn‰’t restrict them. The 1975 taught me how to love music. They taught me that things don‰’t have to be one dimensional. That music is equally about heart, sound, and lyrics.

Luckily, my friends have great music taste and got me hip sophomore year of high school. I remember sitting on my couch and hearing “M.O.N.E.Y‰” for the first time. And the rest is history. I‰’ve been to three The 1975 shows, and I can truthfully say they are AMAZING performers. Seriously. I saw them perform the same album on three different tours and every single performance was wonderful. Who cares if they‰’ve become they total “Tumblr‰” band they are now. Nothing compares to the pure bliss I felt when they stepped out and started their set with the drum-heavy “The City‰Û… each and every time. Sure, One Direction talking about The 1975 made the shows a bit more uncomfortable because of all the 14-year-olds tryna push their way to the front to see Harry‰’s favorite band perform. But, it was still great and I don‰’t regret it for a second.

People may pull immediate attention to the frontman, but I see The 1975 as a group, not individual people. Turn on any track and you‰’ll realize that every person in the band is important. Without each one of their talents, it wouldn‰’t be the same. They‰’re also really really brilliant. Think about all the little kids and families singing along to “Chocolate‰” on the radio. Did they ever stop and think about the extended metaphor and symbolism? What does “Chocolate‰” actually smell like? Hmmmmm… English teachers everywhere would be ashamed.

It‰’s the focus on sound and detail. It‰’s the dance-ability. It‰’s the hard to comprehend lyrics sung in a thick Manchester accent. It‰’s all of it. I love it all. As I am writing this, I am listening to their new album I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful, yet so unaware of it, and I can assure you my love is still strong as ever. It‰’s been a while long since their last album, so I‰’m happy to hear new music.

So even if I don‰’t look like the image of a typical 1975 fan that you have in your mind, I‰’m still gonna bump to anything off either of their albums. I‰’m telling you, forget the whole aesthetic thing and LISTEN TO IT MAN, JUST LISTEN!