Confessions Of A Post-Glo Gucci Fan


Calkie Fisseha

I‰’ll be the first to admit it — I wasn‰’t the biggest Gucci Mane fan. I‰’ll sing along to “Lemonade‰” when it comes on at a party, and I‰’ll remind people not to get lost in the sauce, but nothing more than that. That was prior to the glo. When Gucci came out the pen looking like a brand new person, I was shocked to say the least. Whispers of cloning made me roll my eyes, but I saw their point. This was a whole new guy. Still iced out, still doing it big, but in a whole new way. There was no way this new dude can tell a judge, “bitch I might be‰” when asked if he was guilty. This guy says “clean, but opulent‰Û, when his girl asks about his reasoning behind his choice of jewelry for the day.

I tried to reach deep into my soul and see why I thought this Gucci was so cool. Was it me being materialistic? Was it me riding the wave? Then, as I watched the “First Day Out Tha Feds‰” video, I had an epiphany. I liked this Gucci because he was happy. I never felt the urge to yell “1017 BRICKSQUADDDDDDDD‰” before he got out of jail. Now I hear “GUWOP!‰” or “S‰’GUCCIIIIII‰” and I smile like the Atlanta Trap God himself. I never would have thought I‰’d care more about Gucci than 2 Chainz on a GOOD Music track, but life has its own way of working.

Gucci and I are both having the summer of our lives. Let me explain. I currently don‰’t have a job, am bored all the time, and lose track of the days as I try to cope with (*OITNB SPOILER ALERT*) Poussey‰’s fate in Orange is the New Black. Gucci is fresh out of tha feds, house arrest anklet and all, and he‰’s dropping an album soon. Here‰’s where we meet: Guwop and I are loving ourselves. Taking the time to live for us, and only us. Along the way, we snapchat our journey to self discovery to remind the haters who they‰’re messin with.

As I was going through that weird final part of adolescence, Gucci was getting himself right in prison. While Gucci was sitting in a cell, I was sitting at a school desk. In no way, shape, or form, am I saying prison and school are equal, but they were both places where we found ourselves. While he‰’s cooking it up in the studio and eating salads. I‰’m working (not getting paid for it- hence being unemployed) towards my goals and eating salad too. We hitting the gym, getting enough sleep, and stopped going out every weekend. I know, I know, I‰’m acting like I know him on some personal level, and I can assure you I don‰’t…but I also kinda do. We all see ourselves in Gucci Mane, even if you don‰’t realize it.

I might not have a hundred-thousand-dollar watch on or can get Zaytoven to play the piano while I serenade my significant other. But Gucci Mane is for the 1% and the 99%. We are Gucci and Gucci is us. Also, I don‰’t think it‰’s a coincidence that around the time Gucci got out, my reoccurring dreams about working at 30 Rock started (I know you have a plan for me, God).

A better lifestyle is the key to it all. (Notice how I didn‰’t say ‰key to success‰’ enough talk about DJ Khaled- it‰’s Gucci‰’s time to shine). When Gucci says, “You either with me, or against me, or you‰’re in my way‰” know that Calkie Fisseha means it too.

I know that pre or post glo, Gucci‰’s personality has always been there. Once he started taking care of himself more, you got to really see the cool dude he is. Being in a happier place affects you all around. For Gucci this shows in his music, appearance, and overall demeanor. He didn‰’t get lost in the sauce, this dude made the pasta from scratch with homemade marinara, free range chicken, fresh herbs from his garden and all.

He‰’s happy, healthy and living life to the fullest. While he has nearly reached the optimal glo, I‰’m making my way down this path too. My smile may not be as iced out as his, but I‰’ll get there soon. Without even realizing it, Gucci Mane became the poster boy for the glo. I‰’m a post glo Gucci fan, and not afraid to say it. If you‰’re reading this Gucci, thanks for being you man.