A View on "Views"


Calkie Fisseha

Courtest of The Verge

I‰’m not going to lie to you and say Views is Drake‰’s best album. At first, I wanted to do a track by track review but I ultimately decided against it. There’re just many too many emotions I have connected to Drake, both musically and aesthetically (we will discuss this another time). So, I chose to go through the track list and talk about my favorites or just ones I have something to say about. This album is Take Care and If You‰’re Reading This It‰’s Too Late, with some Nothing Was the Same, and a pinch of So Far Gone. What I‰’m trying to get at is that it sounds like Drake throughout different points of his career.

Keep the Family Close

The idea of this track is cool, but the lyric “Like when Chrysler made that one car/that looked just like the Bentley‰” drives me UP THE WALL. After I heard that, I replayed that line 3 times just to make sure I wasn‰’t trippin. Unfortunately, I wasn‰’t.


“I turn the six upside down, it‰’s a nine now‰Û, who let this slide? If you‰’re friends with a rapper and they ask you if a bar is fire and it really isn‰’t, don‰’t lie to them. The truth always finds its way.

U With Me?

Back on that Take Care grind, and I‰’m digging it. The DMX sample makes you think you‰’re about to listen to a hard track, then Drake slides directly into a line about group DMing his exes. That‰’s the Drizzy we know and love. Know yourself, know your worth, Drake. Then he switches up near the end and is on some If You‰’re Reading This It‰’s Too Late and Nothing Was the Same vibes, go headdddd.

Feel No Ways

Top 5 off the album- don‰’t fight me on this. How many romantic situations have you been in that, “I try with you/There‰’s more to life than sleeping in/And getting high with you‰” doesn‰’t apply directly? Exactly, NONE. The beat has a swaggin 90‰’s girl group feel to it and I love it.


“DON‰’T YOU SEE RIH RIH RIGHT NEXT TO ME?‰” Yes we do Aubrey, but we‰’re tired of your shenanigans. If y‰’all don‰’t get married, I don‰’t want to hear any more of this.

Weston Road Flows

The sampling fam!!!!! This is one of the harder tracks on Views, and it‰’s the reminiscent rap ballad each Drake album has. I‰’m down wit it.


Take Care ain‰’t never left the boy. “Marvin‰’s Room‰” Pt. 2. It‰’s so hilarious how artists usually keep things vague, but Drake really out here stopping just short of giving out Social Security numbers of people he‰’s rapping or singing about.

With You

ANOTHER TOP 5 TRACK OFF VIEWS. PETTYNEXTDOOR IS SO TALENTED!!!!! Play this track and close your eyes and you will literally feel like you‰’re floating. “IT‰’S ABOUT US RIGHT NOW, GIRL WHERE YOU GOINNN?‰” is going to be stuck in your head for days.


Yoooo this track speaks to my heart. The Pimp C feature is wonderful. If you know me, you know I‰’m a very big fan of Dirty South Rap and an avid UGK lover. The sample of Ideal is beautiful and leads really nicely into Dvsn‰’s verse. But honestly, how can Drake go wrong when he‰’s talking about faithfulness? Side note: the most ironic part of all this is that Pimp C is sampled on a song called “Faithful‰Û.

Child‰’s Play

Also another top 5. How can you not like a song that‰’s hook is “bounce that shit like woah‰Û? Drake‰’s approach to narrative is so funny. The story about his girl taking his Bugatti to get pads geeeeekkkkks. This song is so great and the sample makes takes it through the roof. On some New Orleans bounce type stuff. I‰’ll admit it‰’s such a petty song, but imma sing every word. Also, it‰’s crazy to me that Drake goes to, and even loves, The Cheesecake Factory. That being said, dating him is going to be a lot harder than I imagined.


I don‰’t care what anyone says, “Controlla‰” was so much better with Popcaan. In fact, him not being on the version of it on the album feels like a personal attack on everything I love. Drake, do better. “Controlla‰” is a banger…. it‰’s just better with Popcaan‰’s smooth approach than Beenie Man. I‰’m disappointed, Aubrey.

Too Good

This song is WOOOOO. I‰’m not just hyping because it‰’s a Drake and Rihanna on the same track again, but because it‰’s really just TOO GOOD (wordplay, HA). The way Rihanna starts singing is like an angel descended straight from heaven. It‰’s such a catchy song, and I plan on getting a tattoo that says, ‰LAST NIGHT, I GOT HIGH AS YOUR EXPECTATIONS‰Û. Still, unless they get married they need to cut it. My poor heart can‰’t take it.

Summer‰’s Over Interlude

This is the song I‰’m going to cry to when August rolls around. Majid Al Maskati, of Majid Jordan, sings this interlude to perfection. I realize that a lot of people probably skip over it because it‰’s an interlude and there‰’s no rapping, BUT STOP THAT RN. STOP DISRESPECTING THE ART. The old school feeling it has added to it greatly. Imagine that one scene in Casablanca where all the rich people are watching Sam play the piano (losing my train of thought here, but I hope you get what I mean). TOP 5 FOR SURE.

Fire & Desire

By far one of my favorite tracks off the album. I feel so invested in the story of him and his girl. This song literally makes me feel like I am their couple‰’s therapist and I‰’m trying to make it all work out for them. I‰’m so happy this song is on the album, and it reminded me how much I appreciate Brandy. TOP 5.


Drake always has end his albums with an “in your face‰” track, but I understand it. When you run the rap game, you gotta acknowledge how far you‰’ve come. He‰’s putting respeck on his own name and I respeck that.

Views isn‰’t lyrically amazing, but production wise…. YOOOOOOOOO. I want to personally shake 40‰’s hand and thank him for all he‰’s done for the man America is obsessed with. Don‰’t ever EVER underestimate the producer behind the rapper.

I still hate the album cover and nothing will ever make me like it. It‰’s all fun and games until you see the small photoshopped figure sitting on the edge of the CN Tower. I ended up writing a lot more than I originally intended to. Oh well. Calkie out.

VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: I swear Drake has dreams at night where he‰’s either from London and refers to everyone as “mans‰” or born on the beach somewhere in the Caribbean. He loves the 6, but there is no way he‰’s riding the grime and dancehall wave this hard without imagining a different reality. At this point in his career, though, he doesn‰’t have to impress anyone so he‰’s just trying out different approaches. Respeck.