A Coloring Book for the Soul


Calkie Fisseha

Courtesy of Inverse

DISCLAIMER: This isn‰’t a review, it‰’s just a look into my brain as I first listened to Coloring Book.

After a very very long and hard time getting Apple music (I am a very stubborn person), I finally got my hands on Coloring Book. Chance the Rapper is something else, in the best way possible. I‰’m not even that religious but Chance got me ready to go to church with this one. Chance is the future of music. Notice how I said music, and not just rap or Hip Hop.

“All We Got‰”

WHO REPS FOR CHICAGO AS HARD AS LIL CHANO FROM 79th? NO ONE. Old, new, it doesn‰’t matter Chance tops them. Having both Kanye and the Chicago Children‰’s Choir on the opening track of your HIGHLY anticipated project is symbolic in itself. My favorite part about Chance is that he walks the fine line between lyricism and rhythm very well. He doesn‰’t neglect his wordplay, but he doesn‰’t neglect sound either. The use of choirs and symphonies shows that he is more than just a rapper.

“No Problem‰”

YOU DON‰’T WANT NO PROBLEM WITH ME! Only Chance can say some pretty threatening stuff and be backed beautifully by a choir. Takin’ me to church on a Thursday night, I see you. Labels, leave Chance alone and spare yourself dread heads in your lobby. 2 Chainz comes in like that cousin that annoys everyone and dropped out of school with 5 credits left, but y‰’all love him dearly. Lil Wayne is that cool uncle that daps you up like a youngin and takes control of the grill like no one‰’s business. This is thug heaven.

“Summer Friends‰”

Close your eyes and take this track in. The nonchalant way he spits is amazing to me. This legit sounds like how cold water feels going down your throat on a hot summer day. It reminds me of “A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre‰Û. Then Jeremih comes in and puts the icing on the cake. I‰’m feeeeeelin it.

“D.R.A.M. Sings Special‰”

D.R.A.M. made me feel good as hell with this one. It came at a great time because as I was listening to this, I was also stressing about a boy not texting me back.


“I don‰’t make songs for free, I make them for freedom‰” I swear someone give this man a Grammy already. Chance is in a league of his own and this song really REALLY proves that.? He‰’s not just thanking high powers for his guap or fame like most rappers do. Who can get you to sing about God in such a spiritual way? Lil Chano from 79th, THAT‰’S WHO!

“Same Drugs‰Û

The kid from Acid Rap, is grown up. The same drugs don‰’t suit him no more. This track is super important to understand the progression of Chance as both an artist and person. Can you imagine hearing another mixtape all about acid and Xanax? Nah man, we all grow and glo. Now he‰’s talking about real life with a touch of weed here and there but Chance is a whole new man. It has a “Sunday Candy‰” vibe to it, with a much darker message. The juxtaposition is beautiful, to say the least.


I‰’m not the biggest fan of Young Thug or Lil Yachty but I know the value of the collab. Chance on a trap beat that would play in an Atlanta strip club is WILD. There is a very specific dance this beat requires and imagine me doing it right now because that‰’s what I‰’m doing. This track is versatility at its finest.


One of my favorite tracks of 2016. I‰’m pretty blown “Somewhere in Paradise‰” didn‰’t make the cut but I‰’m happy this one did. I GOT ANGELS ALL AROUND ME THEY GOT ME SURROUNDED.

“Juke Jam‰Û

I nearly threw up when I saw Chance, Justin Bieber, and Towkio on the same track. GOD LOOKIN OUT FOR ME! I‰’m soo sooo sooooo happy this is a mellow track because it lets you really pay attention to the story Chance is telling. This is so great man. So great. Towkio, let‰’s have a juke jam. Hahahahahhahaha. I‰’m happy Biebs is using the street cred he has to feature on Coloring Book and not vandalize his neighbor‰’s house. This is that baby making music that isn‰’t for the weak hearted.

“All Night‰”

Chance is here for all moods. “Juke Jam‰” had me in my feelings at 2 am but “All Night‰” got me dancing in the club till 2 am. The function is lit man, don‰’t tell me anything less. Kaytranada‰’s signature sound on this track puts it up there with my favorites. ALSO CHANCE IS TALKIN ABOUT GAS MONEY- I FEEL U DAWG.

“How Great‰Û

HOW GREAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT IS OUR GOD? He is great!!!!!! Featuring the one and only Jay Electronica and “my cousin Nicole‰Û. I LOST it when I read that. Know that imma put my cousin on my album one day and just say “my cousin Aaron‰Û. But not everyone is a cousin (you‰’ll understand this once you listen to the song). Having Jay come out of hiding to spit some dope bars is wonderful. And the meaning of this track makes it even greater.

“Smoke Break‰Û

Have Future on any track and it will be dope. Then put a little autotune on Chance and you got a hit. You can feel this beat in your chest, ON GOD. This may be hard to understand but this is the most civilized I‰’ve heard Future on a song. You do deserve a smoke break Chance… and you too Future, constantly cranking out new music like you‰’re a machine.

“Finish Line/Drown‰”

Swear to all of y‰’all Chance is so different. So so different than anything we‰’ve seen. Who can take us to church and have T Pain sing the gospel? When was the last time T Pain didn‰’t sing about strippers? My point exactly. When I listen to this song, I feel like I‰’m in a great crossover of “In Living Color‰” and a 8 am Sunday Service. Then “Drown‰” comes in for the spiritual healing we all need. I first heard Noname on Acid Rap, and still love her 3 years later. Once the chorus kicks in you legit feel as if you are saved. Kirk Franklin‰’s preaching does everything short of bringing tears to your eyes. You gotta raise your hands and say “YO SHOUTOUT TO YOU GOD, THANKS FOR HOLDING ME DOWN.‰Û

“Blessings (Second)‰”

This is Chance‰’s second go at “Blessings‰” and this time he‰’s talking about his come up. “KANYE‰’S BEST PRODIGY, HE AIN‰’T SIGNED ME BUT HE PROUD OF ME‰Û. Go head Chance, you deserve everything coming your way. The repeated “Are you ready for your blessings? Are you ready for your miracle?‰” ending is the perfect way to close out an awesome record.

Chance, you did it again. You took some time to find yourself, and I‰’m so glad you did. Even if you decided to give it all up now, you‰’ve made a big enough impact on the world of Hip Hop and music in general that you could sleep well at night. God knows I could. Thank you for taking me to church, the bedroom, the club, and back to the house of the Lord himself all in a matter of 14 songs. Coloring Book is a very personal mixtape, and I‰’m so happy I got the chance to take a peek into Chance the Rapper‰’s world.