Not Like The Other Girls: Nevershoutnever


Amanda Jagus

Courtesy of Lulus

It‰’s weird how music or a song can bring an entire set of memories with it. I was standing/rocking/trying not to make eye contact on the metro after another glorious day of unpaid work and Trouble by Cage the Elephant came on shuffle. However, this wasn‰’t the song that sent me back into the dark pit that was my discography in 2009. “Trouble, what a funny name for a song‰Û, my over-caffeinated and under rested mind thought.

“Trouble. Oh. Oh no.‰Û

Instant flashbacks of ukulele, scene hair, and friendship bracelets stacked up to my elbow as I stood in horror on the red line. This song sounded familiar because I was thinking of Trouble by Never Shout Never. The obvious irony of their band name was already making my skin crawl as if I had accidentally made eye contact with someone in my train car. The term “band‰” also an anomaly, because Never Shout Never was comprised of only one quirky, artsy, moped head teen. This was the age of Owl City and anybody could be a band dammit.

Usually when I see that old artists have made new music, I get excited and almost always click on it. However, seeing that NeverShoutNever had made music as recently as 2015 my brain rejected the notion that trite ukulele music could ever evolve into something salvageable.

Even worse, upon further investigation into my iTunes library (you know when people actually paid for music) I had found a music video for Coffee and Cigarettes, because there‰’s nothing more hip that caffeine and nicotine right kids? I watched as Drew Scott, or what could be observed as the earliest form of a hipster record his song. He dawned not just a denim button down, but also a flannel over top, and a furry hat with cat ears to compliment his hip lip ring. Absolute. Terror. Rained down as I realized not only did I listen to this music, but I was in love with this man. Hopelessly devoted.

They say you never forget your first love (or in this case third, fourth or fifth) but I had done my best to repress and black out this time of my life. As any good girl or ex girlfriend would do, I decided to delve deep, deep into Drew‰’s twitter.

Sadboy poems, typed out on a type writer, but don‰’t worry boyfriend snagged a pic on his iPhone so he could tweet it. I wanted to be surprised, but I wasn‰’t. From a band who‰’s one of my favorite song lyrics was “Yeah I have friends, but they have friends, and they have parties, and I‰’m so awkward.‰Û

The band now consists of other musicians that I‰’m sure also partake in early morning poetry writing, but the Nevershoutnever I knew and loved will always just be consisted of one sad boy and one ukulele.