WVAU’s #10 Album of 2016: "ANTI" by Rihanna


Calkie Fisseha

When I was told I get to write about ANTI, a weird stream of emotions rushed over me. I was excited. I was overwhelmed. I was worried about not being able to do this album justice.

Repeat after me: Rihanna is more than a fashion icon. She‰’s an artist, badass, and angel that miraculously lives on earth. ANTI gave us the full scope. It‰’s a raw look into the life of someone we all see as perfect. She lets us know she isn‰’t like we portray her. It‰’s nice to see that an angel has her flaws too. Beginning to end, it‰’s one of the best works of 2016. DON‰’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE DELUXE VERISON. This album makes me feel amazing. AMAZING. I listen to it all the way through at least twice a week and each time it‰’s like it‰’s new. You can tell this album took years to make. If you didn‰’t give ANTI a chance, that‰’s your loss.

Flashback to nearly a year ago: I sat there in my cramped dorm room freaking out with my roommate that Rihanna finally dropped the album we had been promised for years. I never knew how much it would really mean to me.

ANTI ended up predicting the type of year I would have. Some ups, some downs, and some moments of pure bliss. Every song fits a mood. Any emotion you felt throughout the year, Rihanna was right there with you. ANTI was there for me when Y‰’ALL FAKES WEREN‰’T.