How HOMESHAKE’s Fresh Air Would Help Me Seduce A Robot


Meg Mowery

Courtesy of HOMESHAKE’s Bandcamp

I‰’m not saying I would boink a robot, but if I were to ever venture for the mechanical man, Fresh Air would be the album I put on while doing it. Here‰’s how HOMESHAKE‰’s latest album, Fresh Air would help me in my pursuit of robotic romance.

So first and foremost, I would make this robot feel at home with the intro track “Hello Welcome‰Û. Although it‰’s only a minute and four seconds long, the soulfully seductive guitar intro would get the robot in the mood and the robotic sounding voice would let him know we are in a safe space where his kind is more than welcome, if you catch my drift.

Once “Call Me Up‰” comes on, my robot and I would get a lil more intimate. The slow jazz sounding sax beat combined with Sagar‰’s very seductive sounding vocals would let the robot practice his flirtatious arm touching and slow talking on me. I would not mind.

“Not U‰” is when things would heat up for him, with its slow electronic melody and soulful vocals, he‰’d know something‰’s bout to happen. This song is kind of slow, but since he‰’s just figuring things out it ends up being the perfect soundtrack to me figuring out if he really feels like metal- which he doesn‰’t except for where he should.

“Every Single Thing‰” is a little more upbeat, while remaining on the electronic side of things. This is the song that would come on when we slow down and talk about our mutual interests which surprisingly are vast and beyond Kraftwerk‰’s discography. This tune is the one that helps us see that beautiful things happen when two worlds collide.

“Wrapping Up‰Û, “Getting Down Pt II (He‰’s Cooling Down)‰Û, “TV Volume‰” and “This Way‰” are all very Ginuwine-meets-the-XX way in that they are the true definition of boink anthems meet electronic beats. These are the only songs I would want playing while I explored the differences and similarities in human/robot physical intimacy.

The albums title track, “Fresh Air‰” is six minutes of calming wind sounds and slow R&B notes to keep everyone calm no matter how much sweat I would get on his metallic body. This track is the ultimate anxiety tamer.

To finish off our time together, “Khmlwugh‰Û, “Serious‰” and “So She‰” would play, with their more upbeat tempos letting us discover that robots can indeed convincingly dance just as well as the dudes who wear flannels to parties. Needless to say, a lot of swaying and foot tapping were involved.

Finally, “This Way‰” would come on to provide a soundtrack to our niceties as he gathers his things and we talk about how we should see a movie sometime.

*This album was good, but I couldn‰’t shake the feeling that the only way I could really express how it made me feel was through robot boinking.

RIYL: Mild High Club, Mac Demarco, King Krule

Recommended Tracks: 9, 11, 12