DMV‰’s Golden Boy: GoldLink Releases ‘At What Cost’


Calkie Fisseha, General Manager

Courtesy of BET

As a person who likes good music, this album means a lot to me. As a kid from the DMV, this album means even more. It‰’s always been a fact that GoldLink is dope. At What Cost is exactly what I needed to hear. It‰’s young. It‰’s fresh. It‰’s black as hell.

I‰’ve always had trouble describing GoldLink‰’s sound. All I know is that I really REALLY REALLLLLLLY like it. If you don‰’t know who “moe‰” is, you just don‰’t get it.

As I was listening for the first time, I HIGHEST OF KEYS, would get emotional every time a DMV reference was made. When I realized there was Metro sounds in “The Parable of the Rich Man,‰” my heart almost jumped out of my chest.

“Hands On Your Knees‰” is DC through and through. Walk past the Metro PCS on Florida Ave and you‰’ll know what I‰’m talkin’ bout. I actually got teary eyed as I listened to it because that‰’s the DC I‰’ve known and loved my whole life. It‰’s the go-go remixes, New Balances, and Helly Hansen. It‰’s Chocolate City.

The dude can rap his ass off as BEAUTIFULLY demonstrated in “Kokamoe Freestyle.‰” He‰’s an all-around awesome artist.

GoldLink is the GOAT and I don‰’t want to hear any less. Who else can get a Mya feature in 2017? The collabs on this album work so well. SO WELL. And shoutout to the producers cuz these beats are HOT, PIPING HOT. THE COVER ART? DON‰’T EVEN GET ME STARTED!

Usually when you listen to an album you can immediately point out your favorite tracks. At What Cost is a totally different story. Every single track is awesome, and I ain‰’t even hyping.

I was 3 tracks in when I tweeted, “GoldLink‰’s album about to be top 5 of the year‰” and I still mean it (I tweet a lot so I‰’m not sure if that‰’s what I said word for word, but you get it). I‰’ll honestly be surprised if anything better comes out.

There are so many different sounds and they come together perfectly. I promise you, my words aren‰’t doing this album justice. Go listen to At What Cost and you‰’ll want mumbo sauce alllllllllll ova ya wings. I pray the DMV will reign for many moons.

Thanks GoldLink, I appreciate ya a lot.

PS: I‰’m still salty I wasn‰’t invited to be in the “Crew‰” video, y‰’all know it would have been perfect.

Goldlink, Ciscero, and DJ Ayes Cold graced us with their presences for a live show on Feb. 25 in the Tavern. Check out photos from the show here.