WVAU PRESENTS: Abhi//Dijon & Rayana Jay on 4.8.17


Calkie Fisseha, General Manager

Promotional art done by Suah Cheong

BOTH Abhi//Dijon and Rayana Jay will be in our own Battelle Atrium//Saturday, April 8 @ 8-11pm// Doors at 7:30pm//FREE with AU ID// Mark your calendars, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone! RSVP here.

Abhi//Dijon is awesome. Their music is awesome. If you don‰’t get it: listen to their stuff. SERIOUSLY. LIKE SERIOUSLY. They captivated our ears and hearts at the Rae Sremmurd concert in 2015, and now they‰’re back! Do us a favor and go listen to “Montana,” “Stay Up,” or “2014” and let us know how ya feel. Shoutout to Ellicott City.

Courtesy of WAMU

They love Jon B so much that he inspired this banger:

Rayana Jay is bringing the Bay to DC. She‰’s dope in every sense of the word. Any situation you‰’ve been in? She has a song for that. “Sorry About Last Night” will get you feel some type of way, in the very best way. Rayana got the juice.

Courtesy of Fader

“Sleepy Brown‰” is that GOOD GOOD:

Both of these acts are the future, so get hip!