Afro Trap Artist MHD Is The Man


Calkie Fisseha, General Manager

MHD is the future. The Afro-French rapper headlined U Street Music Hall on September 15. It was awesome. His Guianese-Senegalese roots give him the rhythm that sets him apart from any other rapper you‰’ve ever heard. That, and his rapid fire French lyrics. His love for trap music and Afrobeat fuses into the perfect sound, Afro Trap. He‰’s Afro-centric, he‰’s cool, and he‰’s very very talented.

MHD started the Afro Trap series on YouTube while messing around with his friends. He went viral and his life changed. Almost 600 million views later, he‰’s built up to “Afro Trap Part 9‰Û, with more to come. The beat pulls you in, while his rhymes have you repeating French words you‰’ve never heard before.

There is no doubt that MHD is a star. His success is well-deserved. MHD‰’s self-titled debut album reached #2 on the French charts and went DOUBLE platinum. You read that right. Double platinum and topping the charts… all with his first album.

His packed DC show confirms that music transcends language. The large French speaking West African population in the DMV came out to celebrate one of their own. But, the crowd didn‰’t stop there. People of all cultures rapped along to every word of every song. MHD shows the world how diverse hip hop can be. He knows how to put on a show. By the time the last song rolled around, no one wanted to leave.

MHD learned to love all sides of his identity and started a movement. Get familiar with MHD because you‰’ll be hearing his name a lot more. This is the perfect time to brush up on your high school French.

MHD is available on your favorite streaming platform. “A Kele Nta‰” and “Afro Trap Pt. 8 (Never)‰” are my favorites right now, but I know that I‰’m going to find a new favorite every day. The album is that good.