Growth Makes for Good Music: A Jez Dior Exclusive


Calkie Fisseha, General Manager

Courtesy of Epic Records 

Jez Dior is a new face in the rap game. It has been a hectic few months for him. He signed with Epic Records in July, released his first single on the label, and became a better version of himself.

We chatted with Jez after he played FIFA with some friends and fans at Songbyrd Music House & Record Cafe. He told us about when his love for hip hop started and what he‰’s learned throughout his career.

Jez was a late bloomer when it came to hip hop. His father is British rocker Steve Dior, a guitarist and songwriter from rock and roll‰’s golden age. Rock was the only genre played in Jez‰’s house. He had never heard any hip hop until an older cousin introduced him to The Eminem Show. The intricate stories being told over a beat blew his mind. Jez loved the genre so much that he started writing his own rhymes. But to him, its more than just a type of music, it‰’s a lifestyle. He remarked during the interview that “hip hop is everything [to me]… it‰’s really everything‰Û. He found an emotional release and creative outlet, all with the help of Eminem.

Growth is an important concept in Jez‰’s life. His last EP Youthanasia, dealt with him coming to terms with himself. Since its release last year, he has made major moves. “Sober‰Û, his first release with Epic Records marks the beginning of an emotional journey for him. To deal with the stress of Hollywood, Jez has learned to take better care of himself. From eating fresh food to not being too hard on yourself, he believes self care is important.

Jez will not stop grinding anytime soon. Later in the fall, expect a new Jez Dior EP. His debut album, dropping sometime next year, will feature a different and more vulnerable side of the rapper. Jez wants to make real music for real people.