CAPITOL BOOGIE: Kari Faux & Odd Mojo on 12/2


Calkie Fisseha, General Manager

Art by Suah Cheong

Kari Faux doesn‰’t have time for small talk. You‰’ve heard her music on insecure, Childish Gambino‰’s mixtape STN MTN, and seen her tweets on the popular page. She‰’s a self-described “rap sanger, game changer, flame branger‰” and we see no lies. Don‰’t box Kari in, she‰’s a woman of many genres. Fresh off of her new EP Primary and a European tour, catch her performing at AU. Kari is the truth.

Hailing from Maryland, Odd Mojo is a name that you should get used to. She‰’s all about the music. Her debut EP 94 and her Mojo Mondays music video releases showed the world she‰’s in it for the long run. She‰’s putting on for the DMV. Her new project Channel Yo Mojo, drops soon.


Kari Faux and Odd Mojo will be performing in Battelle Atrium on December 2. Free w/ AU ID. Non-AU guests welcome, please email [email protected] so you can be accounted for.