WVAU’s #4 SOTY: "Crew" by Goldlink


Calkie Fisseha

Photo from Genius

SCENE: The year is 2021. You are in the club, rich as hell and fresh as hell. You usually hate the club, but ever since you became rich, it ain‰’t so bad. There are bottles and beautiful people everywhere. You and your homies are looking around, thinking about how magical life is. Suddenly, the DJ starts playing your song. You and the homies smile at each other and say “HEY, NICE TO MEET. I‰’M YOUNG JEFE, WHO YOU BE?‰” All is good in the world. END SCENE.

“Crew‰” is the ultimate glo up anthem. One day I want to be rich enough to sing “she see money all around me, I look like I‰’m the man‰” in the club and mean it.

The way Goldlink, Brent Faiyaz, and Shy Glizzy work together is quite literally music to my ears. Brent got the voice of an angel, Goldlink is the perfect bridge between the verses, and Shy Glizzy is THAT DUDE. They all deliver the same message of “I‰’M THE SHIT AND YOU CAN‰’T TELL ME SHIT‰” in different ways. It‰’s an art.

If we‰’re being completely honest I don‰’t know why this song wasn‰’t voted as the #1 song of the year. Y‰’all some haters. Sure, it was released in December of 2016 but this was the song of Summer 2017 and beyond.

I listen to “Crew‰” at least once a day and have been doing so since it came out. IT STILL HASN‰’T GOTTEN OLD. OVER 11 MONTHS LATER AND I STILL GET HYPE WHEN I HEAR THAT BEAT FADE IN. The music video amplified my love for it. What‰’s better than watching people dance along to their song? NOTHING. Even the Grammys agree that “Crew‰” is damn good. It‰’s nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance.

May the DMV reign for many moons.