WVAU’s #2 AOTY: DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar


Ryan Shepard

There are two types of people in the world. Those who admit to rapping everywhere to Kendrick Lamar‰’s “DNA‰” in the mirror and liars. Admit it! You‰’ve done it. I‰’ve done it. We‰’ve all done it. Why? It‰’s just been incredible year for Kendrick Lamar.

After the releases of two immaculate albums, many questioned whether or not it could live up to the hype and once again, Kendrick Lamar came out to fight when the bell rang. Starting with records like “BLOOD.‰” and the aforementioned “DNA.‰Û, transitioning to records like “LOYALTY.‰” and ending with anthems like “LOVE.‰” and my favorite record of 2017 “DUCKWORTH.‰Û, two things are clear.

The first is that Kendrick Lamar has mastered the ability to display his ability to service his core, while flourishing commercially. The second and most important takeaway is that Kendrick Lamar is now inching closer toward the “GOAT‰” discussion when it comes to rappers. Name another rapper with arguably three classic albums out of the gate. I‰’ll wait.

The only thing that‰’s in Kendrick‰’s way in diving in head first into top five territory after DAMN. is time. If he drops two more albums of this caliber, which I think we all know is possible, he will enter into the realm of Andre 3000, Notorious B.I.G and my personal favorite, Mr. Beyonce better known as Jay-Z. Not bad for a kid out of Compton.