‰Atlanta‰’ Season 2 Episode 1 Soundtrack was a Thursday night vibe

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‰Atlanta‰’ Season 2 Episode 1 Soundtrack was a Thursday night vibe

Leanna Faulk

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If you thought Donald Glover couldn‰’t be more of an icon, you clearly didn‰’t watch the season 2 premiere of‰Atlanta‰’ on Thursday. Nearly two years since the release of season 1 – fans were more than excited to finally continue the story of modern-day Ed, Edd, and Eddy with Earnest (played by Donald Glover), Alfred or “Paper Boi‰” (played by Brian Tyree Henry) and Darius (played by Keith Stanfield). Apart from the story, the soundtrack played throughout the entire episode was definitely something worth mentioning. If you didn‰’t immediately start bopping and hitting a slight milly-rock when you heard songs like “The Race‰” by Tay-K and “Did It Again‰” by Jay Critch, then I‰’m not exactly sure why you even watch the show. Here‰’s a list of all of the songs played during the episode.

“The Race‰” – Tay-K

The episode opens up with 17-year-old rapper, Tay-K, “The Race‰” playing through the stereo as two new male characters pull into a fast-food drive through and order a “number 17‰” which we all knew was code from some drugs.

“Did it Again‰” – Jay Critch & Rich The Kid

The collaboration between Brooklyn rapper, Jay Critch, and Queens rapper, Rich The Kid, “Did it Again‰” plays over the show title.

“Hot Head‰” – Death Grips

One of the more uncomfortable features of the episode was this abnormally angry selection by the experimental hip-hop band, Death Grips, as Earn was trying to talk to Darius in the car.

“I‰’ll Be Good‰” – Rene & Angela

The 1985 single by the R&B Duo, Rene & Angela, “I‰’ll Be Good‰” plays in the background as Earn and Darius hesitantly walked through Earn‰’s uncle‰’s house AKA “the Alligator Man.‰Û

“Love Ballad‰” – L.T.D.

Glover couldn‰’t have chosen a more perfect vibe for this scene. Uncle Willy pulled a Forest Gump down the block, the no longer alleged alligator has been released and the entire block is shook-eth. This soundtrack wouldn‰’t have been complete had it not been for this song.

“When Seasons Change‰” – Curtis Mayfield

The episode ends with Earn taking a huge sigh on the porch of Paper Boi and Darius‰’s house as “When Seasons Change‰” plays in the background. Perfect way to end a perfect episode.

Two years was definitely worth the wait but fortunate enough – we only have to wait another week to watch episode 2 of Season 2 on Thursday, March 8th. You can watch ‰Atlanta‰’ every Thursday at 10 pm on FX. Catch up on Season 1 on HULU, FX Now, or any other illegal streaming site. Do you sis.