7 Boss Chick Anthems To Get You Pumped for International Women‰’s Day

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7 Boss Chick Anthems To Get You Pumped for International Women‰’s Day

Leanna Faulk

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Every year on March 8th, the international community celebrates women‰’s accomplishments throughout history and across nations. Social media timelines are filled with only a few of the most inspiring and courageous women to walk this planet. It‰’s no secret that the music industry holds some of the baddest, no-filter women in the game. Here‰’s a list of the top songs to get you hype for International Women‰’s Day.

1. “Run the World (Girls)‰” – Beyonce

I‰’m pretty sure the entire world has classified this as the national anthem for International Women‰’s Day. You just can‰’t go wrong.

2. “No Scrubs‰” – TLC

Before there was Destiny‰’s Child, there was TLC and they taught us early to know your worth and never let a lame dude into your life.

3. “Boss Ass Bitch‰” – Pretty Taking All Fades

The concept is simple. Just read the title.

4. “Feeling Myself (Remix)‰” – Beyonce featuring Nicki Minaj

When Queen Bey and Barbie link up – there‰’s no doubt that something this poppin comes out.

Tip: Listen to this while getting dressed in the morning, life changer.

5. “Bitch Better Have My Money‰” – Rihanna

Just a little financial advice from Fenty herself.

6. “Bad Girls‰” – M.I.A.

The visuals alone for this song were enough to make you feel like the baddest chick in the world.

7. “Bad and Boujee‰” – Migos featuring Lil Uzi Vert

Do I even have to say it?

International Women‰’s Day ends in a few hours but you have the rest of Women‰’s History Month to enjoy these boss chick anthems!

“We‰’re smart enough to make these millions, Strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business.‰” Run the World (Girls) – Beyonce