Fresh Off the Boat: beabadoobee – the comfort voice that we all need


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Yen Dang

19-years-old indie-pop singer-songwriter, beabadoobee, real-named Bea Kristi, enters the 21stcentury music scene with her secondhanded guitar, her disarmingly gentle and dreamy voice and revives the heady sound of 90s alternative pop to its fullest glory. Bea captures the eyes of the Gen Z’s Lonely Hearts Club by building her musical universe around moments that are seemingly miniscule yet are painfully relatable to any of us depressed and sick-of-the-world teens. She zoom-ins on the tiniest yet most unforgettable snapshots of our lives: moments of falling in love (“Coffee”) and falling out of it without knowing why (“Disappear”), facing the broken dreams and responsibilities of adulthood (“Eighteen”) and losing your grip under the pressure (“Tired”). It is really not an overstatement that beabadoobee has her audience figured inside and out at the very first seconds of her songs.

Born in the Philippines but has spent her entire life in London, Bea has her fair share of experience in dealing with identity crises, being kicked out of school and struggling to fit in with her peers. Most of her adolescence revolves around an extensive period of self-hatred and self-harm and “wanting to grow up so quickly”. Yet, after some time spent hiding out, Bea finally finds herself at “a good place” and becomes the comfort voice for every restless teen around the corner, who are still struggling to find their place in the world like she did.

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In effect, unlike most of her poppier peers, Bea makes songs that are much softer, sadder and stripped-back to create a sense of coziness and “counseling” to her listeners, as well as to showcase her angelic vocal through the instrumentals. At the same time, Bea also puts a whole lot more effort in her lyricism. She builds herself up as an artist who doesn’t just sing words without any purpose or just produce good-sounding songs, but makes ones that actually connect with people and comfort them, and even ones that push people to face all the scariest parts of being human like mental illnesses and self-harm. It is her audacity to open up and confidently speak about sensitive topics like these that has outlined her from the general crowd and proves that beabadoobee is not only wise but also brave beyond her years.

beabadoobee is currently on tour with Clairo and will be hitting DC on November 12th2019 at 9:30 Club. And, here is your exclusive bea’s therapy tea for tonight from yours sincerely!

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