Songs for Scorpios


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JJ Smith

Brace yourselves, it’s almost Scorpio Season. October 23rd to November 21st means deep emotions and causes one to search for deeper meaning in almost everything. Scorpio is one of the most emotional and intense zodiac signs to exist, so a playlist of soothing songs to satisfy this sign is essential.

As a Water Sign, Scorpios are usually sensitive, despite putting up a stoic front. They are intuitive and mysterious individuals who often associate with love and intimacy. They are supportive typically and speak their mind. They typically alternate between living in reality and their imaginations and are constantly wavering.

Scorpios tend to be rather intuitive and never show their cards, concealing emotions with a serious game face more often than not. They love debates and making statements, often refusing to back down as honest and positively confrontational people. They are typically authentic individuals and love genuine people. They may seem intimidating at first but are really loyal, loving, dedicated people. They are tough on the exterior and strong emotionally but are empathetic individuals. A playlist for our strong Scorpios would consist of some celebrated songs that mirror the values and traits of this zodiac sign.

Jesse– Frankie Cosmos 

The first single from Vessel, singer Greta Kline sings about disillusionment associated with the early 20s age period. She sings of fantasizing about flying and stripping her world of metaphorical scorpions. The rhythmic guitar, overedited vocal melodies, and whimsical, toy piano all make this song essential for Scorpios, who tend to get caught up in their feelings and are rather intuitive.

Going Gets Tough– The Growlers

This Growlers’ track, written about a fire that took the band’s studio, embodies Scorpio’s desire to remain supportive, despite being faced with challenges. An intense, personal account that contrasts the dreamy perception of being in a famous band versus the weary reality of the road, this song’s relaxing reggae style reinforces ideas of positivity and highlights the strength of a Scorpio’s support.

Interstate Vision– Lomelda

This calming song also emphasizes the importance of remaining positive, especially when love seems unpromising, which supportive Scorpios can relate to. Singer Hannah Read connects small findings to greater significant ideas and sings each line with a quaking voice that illuminates a yearning desire. These lyrics of uncertainty combined with a mixture of gentle guitars make for an emotional track that resonates with Scorpio’s loving, genuine tendencies.

Shark Smile– Big Thief

This song by Brooklyn band Big Thief paints a picture of singer and guitarist Adrianne Lenker’s narrator seeing a woman in a car on the highway and catastrophically chasing this car before ending up in a guard rail. Scorpios can identify with the mysterious subject, who has the shark smile and is worth being chased to the point of danger, of this song. With steady percussion and a folk-rock instrumental sound, this song is suitable for Scorpios to rock to on the road.

Scorpio Rising– Soccer Mommy

This song is quite essential for Scorpios for obvious reasons. Singer Sophie Allison shares some of her best songwriting so far with this track. This song is disguised as a basic song and its lyrics describe a personal account of simply meeting a crush in the dark but the song suddenly unfolds and becomes a story about releasing a desired love that cannot be maintained. This song shares many youthfully nostalgic references that are relatable to all listeners and the emotional maturity that gracefully shines through the lyrics can especially resonate with loving, intuitive Scorpios.

Feelings Locked Up Tight– Hala

This song has an indie rock feel that is refreshing and relaxing. Hala mastermind Ian Ruhala sings lyrics that describe a desire to remain closed off emotionally yet still supportive, an act that Scorpios are accustomed to. The rhythmic guitar and steady beat that accompany Hala’s easily relatable lyrics about concealing care make this song essential for Scorpios.

Fear of Intimacy– zack villere

Although Scorpios adore intimacy, they can often be afraid to unveil emotions and share their personal side. This track incorporates muffled drum beats, electronic synthesizers, effects that distort the singer’s voice, and raw, emotional lyrics in order to convey a fear of commitment that especially Scorpios can relate to.

@chl03k– Modern Baseball

The Philadelphia emo band howls about wasted time on this track that emphasizes the annoyance of and reliance on technology. The vocals on this track are somewhat whiny yet passionate and the song has an acoustic feel with soft guitars and percussion that continues to build up as the song becomes more passionate. The lyrics tell the story of Chloe, a girl from Twitter who the narrator would much rather talk to instead of spending time with his phony friend whose high school mentality is draining. Scorpios can relate to this as they enjoy genuine people and tend to stray from those who are not real.

Best Tears– The Happy Fits

This high energy single, with its peppy percussion and catchy guitar riffs, exudes sincerity and positivity that genuine Scorpios are often drawn to. With a fresh yet fierce sound, this song describes the worst aspects of high school and addresses the difficulties of school but provides a positive message that reinforces the supportiveness that Scorpios are so fond of.

Mystery of Love– Sufjan Stevens

This acoustic track, written by singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, is purely emotional and captures a sense of intimacy that Scorpios can identify with. The track consistently features a delicate, steady guitar and the lyrics describe a comfortable yet painful nostalgia that illuminates the power of touch in an effort to communicate. Scorpios can relate to the mysterious yet intimate tone of this peaceful song.

I Won’t Back Down– Tom Petty

Scorpios, known for their ability to speak their mind and openly debate, can sometimes be stubborn in standing their ground, which is why this Tom Petty track is so perfect. Written for the person who set fire to Petty’s L.A. home, Petty began to rebuild his home and refused to give in to the destruction of the fire. Like Petty, Scorpios are persistent in standing for their beliefs and not easily swayed. This anthem for people struggling against challenges preaches the importance of remaining resilient and constantly offering support.