Album Review: Birth of Violence – Chelsea Wolfe


Chloe Irwin

Birth of Violence is the perfect addition to any Halloween playlist. Its songs creep along at a slow rate but will leave you hooked and wanting more, anxious for the release of the measured build. The subtle buzzing and humming that accompanies the songs adds a layer of sound that influences the strong and haunting lyrics, adding to their power. It is a spooky, slow, and haunting album that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The songs have slow builds to strong choruses, and many invoke the destroyed quality of horror movie finales. “Be All Things” takes you to the end of a family horror movie, where the camera pans over the wreckage of the haunted house that they abandoned: an eerie vibe for the haunted season. If you’re looking for something a bit more hopeful and upbeat (if anything in this album can be considered upbeat), try “Deranged for Rock & Roll.” Although dark, this song does have a bit more of a kick to it as the title may suggest. All in all, Birth of Violence is the perfect album for this time of year. It is not meant to cheer you up, or in any way express positive emotions, but instead will put you in a proper state to appreciate the cooler weather, misty days, and falling leaves. So, if you are in the mood for some melancholia, queue up this playlist, grab your coziest blanket and some hot cider, and enjoy the appreciation of the coming of fall.