Concert Review: Alana Springsteen


Morgan Bluma

Let’s talk country for a minute, shall we? My midwestern roots need to be expressed because wow! First some background info, Alana Springsteen recently opened for The Mighty Pines at the Pearl Street Warehouse on October 19th. She is an up and coming artist originally from Virginia Beach. She just recently turned 19 (woohoo happy belated birthday!) and has been playing the guitar since she was 7 years old. She even sang the National Anthem at Wrigley Field when she was 9! I would have passed out just from the number of people there. She managed to convince her family to move to Nashville when she was 14 years old to pursue her dream of signing. She is currently signed to Warehouse West Entertainment, which is a fairly new artist development company. She released her debut EP on June 7th.

Now, I highly recommend listening to her immediately. She has one of the most angelic voices I have heard in a while and she is so young! It is amazing. Her music is definitely country and I know many are skeptical of country music. If there is any country music you would enjoy, it is definitely Alana’s. She writes her own songs and creates a more authentic atmosphere. It was refreshing to see an artist that was very genuine with her music and the audience. After seeing so many big artists in big venues, it gets a little frustrating when the artist says the same generic “thank you” and “this was the best audience on tour” kind of sentences.

The venue was amazing as well. I had never been to Pearl Street Warehouse and it was beautiful. I loved the neon sign and the checkered floor. It definitely reminds me of home with the fishing references everywhere and the tin roof walls. I also loved that it was so easy-going and relaxed. You could have drinks and food while enjoying the acts. Even better, after Alana’s set, she came out into the audience and enjoyed The Mighty Pines while talking with attendees.

Towards the end of her set, she sang my absolute favorite. The song is called “Feel Better” which is her recently released single. It is beautiful. I loved that her whole set was acoustic as well. Acoustic versions of music always make the concerts more intimate and I enjoy it. It kind of makes you realize that artists are people, just like us, just with amazing singing talent. Check out the song below!!


All in all, she is one of my new favorite up and coming country artists. And don’t think “ugh country music,” she adds something new to the genre that makes her music so enjoyable. So, after listening to her, you might even say, “huh country music can be good.”