Big Meme Moods: “This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film studies class”


Image Source: knowyour

Georgia Abdow

So far in 2019, this has been one of the most popular memes that circulated platforms like Twitter and Reddit. The original meme reads, “This shot is brilliant and should be shown in any film studies class” and displays a screen cap from TV series Game of Thrones. Many Twitter and Reddit users took the meme into their own hands and made various versions of the original tweet that include an absurd or funny shot from a show or movie. Here are some examples:



This meme is a personal favorite of mine and it inspired me to create a playlist of my top four personal favorite songs used in several different movies and TV shows. The movies are Palo Alto and 500 Days of Summer and the shows are Recifty and Skins, all of which are as good as the songs themselves.

The first track is an instrumental song called “Soccer Field” by Devonte Hynes which is on the soundtrack of the independent movie Palo Alto. As the whimsical percussion is flowing, infrequent drums are then introduced about halfway through. The repeating melody forms a beautiful piece that is simple and perfect for a short scene that lacks dialogue.

The next song is “Bad Kids” by Black Lips that plays in a scene from the movie 500 Days of Summer. This garage-flavored punk rock song begins with strong guitar strumming. The artist almost screams the lyrics, which adds to the track’s punk rock feel. It is an upbeat song that wonderfully fits the movie scene.

The following track is “Flume” by Bon Iver, which plays in the four-season long series Rectify. Slow guitar strums are prevalent in this extremely wistful song. The melancholy indie-folk feel is fitting for the sorrowful scene in the show.

The last track “You, My Everything” by Ellie Goulding is my guilty pleasure song that plays as the credits roll in the British teen-drama television series Skins. It is an upbeat ambient synth-pop song with electronic influences. It is not a song that plays during a scene nor is it fitting within my typical music taste, but I could not omit my all-time favorite Ellie Goulding track.

All of these songs are carefully placed in the film scenes and add to the creative process of film making. Music and film often work together to stimulate our visual and hearing senses. I hope that you will not only check out these four songs, but the movies and TV shows as well.