Compositions for Capricorns


Credit: FreePik

JJ Smith

Keep calm and remain cool and collected- Capricorn season will soon be among us. With their season being December 22nd to January 19th, Capricorns’ prime time is a little more than a month away from being in full swing.

An Earth element, this sign is rather grounded and down to earth. They tend to be realistic, stable, and practical but can also be emotional individuals. They are loyal and will stick by someone’s side regardless of circumstances.

A Capricorn is disciplined, responsible, and versed in the art of self-control. They are typically well-mannered but are often unforgiving, stiff, and stubborn. They can be cold, distant, and pessimistic and must value forgiveness in order to be more positive. Regardless, they are traditional and value responsibility, which makes it hard for them to accept differences often. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are brave enough to face their fears but typically live afraid of inner conflict. With a strong ability to naturally lead others and manage themselves, a Capricorn is difficult to break through but once done, they show full devotion and commitment.

A playlist for a Capricorn would provide this sign with a plethora of songs that embody their values and ideals. A combination of laid-back tracks and feel-good anthems will make it easier for Capricorns to open up and feel understood.

“Too Afraid to Love You” – The Black Keys

This Black Keys track embodies a Capricorn’s ability to be a devoted, committed partner but also emphasizes their stoic external layers that are very difficult to breakthrough. The incorporation of a haunting harpsichord and far-off sounding vocals come together with rhythmic guitar riffs, leading electric guitar, and percussion that labels this track as a bluesy bop with a distinguished style sure to satisfy a Capricorn.

“The Chain” – Betty Dittrich

This Betty Dittrich cover is a chilling rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s hit song about the difficulties of transformation and the pain associated with the acceptance of a bad habit that cannot be broken. A Capricorn who is typically traditional and practical can relate to these lyrics that ponder a failing relationship and broken vows that haunt the speaker. This cover is rather eerie, with only an echoing guitar riff and broken acoustic guitar strumming blending with Dittrich’s haunting harmonies.

“Habit” – Still Woozy

With its funky vibe and consistent groove, this track has a beat that is difficult to not sway to as soon as it comes on shuffle. The lyrics to this popular Still Woozy hit describe an inability to leave a lover who has become a habit of the speaker and his natural infatuation with this lover. This dilemma described by these catchy lyrics can resonate with a Capricorn who is very fond of traditions and has difficulty accepting changes and breaking habits, despite being rather stubborn and strong-willed.

“Nothing Lasts” – Bedroom

This song can be relatable for a somewhat pessimistic Capricorn. It starts rather simply with a soft, rhythmic acoustic guitar strumming that is soon joined by a catchy percussion loop that creates a folky feel. When joined by its lyrics that describe a pessimistic perspective and memories left in the past, this track as a whole seems to radiate an ominous vibe that would most likely be heard on repeat in a Capricorn’s bedroom on a relaxing weekend.

“Hannah Hunt” – Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig croons of abandoned responsibilities and sense of time in this beautifully crafted song. Koenig softly tells the story of a road trip and incorporates intricate details before suddenly building up to an emotional outburst. This Vampire Weekend album follows a theme of time and ticking clocks, but this track, with its delicately detailed lyrics, chilling piano melody, and rhythmic bass plucking, seems to make time stop. Capricorns have a fascination with time and responsibility, so this nostalgic track can certainly have a lasting impact on them.

“It’s Nothing” – Lexie

This Lexie track gives off a playful sweetness with repetitive riffs and a rhythmic guitar loop that starts out slow before picking up with the incorporation of percussion. Greta Kline’s distinct voice croons lyrics that emphasize the casual nature of a lost love and the narrator’s reflexive ability to shake off signs of sentiment. This striking yet simple tune can appeal to Capricorns, who are rather stubborn yet masters of self-control and easily independent.

“Dracula’s Lunch” – The Symposium

With its haunting melodies and mesmerizing synthetics, this track is extremely developmental and sure to have a lasting effect on its listeners. Its lyrics are eerie yet relatable and evoke a certain nostalgia in listeners. This dream-pop single by The Symposium reiterates the narrator’s remorse for his tendency to be stuck in his ways, a feeling that a traditional, stubborn Capricorn can relate to.

“So Alright, Cool, Whatever” – The Happy Fits

This song by The Happy Fits features lyrics that describe the speaker’s conflict of being infatuated with his lover despite being tormented by the actions of his lover. With its peppy percussion, rhythmic bass line, and simple yet effective guitar hooks, this song is catchy for a Capricorn to listen to on loop.

“Renee” – SALES

This track opens with a pulsing guitar riff that repeats throughout the song and drives the melody. It has a light, airy feel and the song is rather hesitant but with its focus on instrumentals and varying vocals, it remains rhythmic throughout. Its lyrics describe the speaker’s satisfaction upon meeting her soul mate at a crowded club but depicts her sudden realization that this infatuation will not last as it was a once in a lifetime interaction that will not be able to be rekindled in another setting. A reserved, pessimistic Capricorn can relate to these lyrics and add this catchy track to their playlist.

“So Polite” – Summer Salt

With its silky guitar riffs and groovy bass lines, this track embodies a summertime vibe that Summer Salt is known for creating. Its lyrics are extremely relatable for a well-mannered Capricorn and this song gives off such positive vibes, a typically pessimistic Capricorn might benefit from the warmth this song gives off.

“Change” – (Sandy) Alex G

This (Sandy) Alex G track is upfront and does not dance around the message conveyed- that change is scary. Its lyrics describe a fear of change associated with growing up, a feeling that traditional Capricorns are familiar with. Its ominous guitar strumming and squeaky strings allow for this little, simple song to become something greater. Alex G’s broken falsetto creates a longing melody that makes this a tender track for Capricorns to jam to.