All for Aquarius


Illustration by Kelsey Oseid from What We See in the Stars

JJ Smith

It’s almost a new year and time for a new sign, so it’s only fitting for this change to be introduced by the sign of the future and new life, Aquarius. Born January 20th– February 18th, this sign reflects idealism and future promise.

As an Air Sign, an Aquarius tends to be rational, communicative thinkers. They are intellectual and philosophical and enjoy giving advice to those who seek assistance. They can be superficial at times but their humane nature always allows them to progress and remain the good listeners they tend to be.

An Aquarius signifies intelligence and eccentric thinking. They are open-minded, creative free-spirits but they are often independent and impulsive beings who are rather spontaneous. Their stubborn and unpredictable nature often makes them indifferent and detached. This being said, they often have a hard time expressing their emotions and are often reserved. They are progressive and original individuals but can sometimes be aloof and uncompromising. Regardless, they enjoy helping others and fighting for good causes. A playlist for an Aquarius would be all-encompassing and incorporate all aspects of their personality.

“i need to be alone.” – girl in red

This girl in red track, written and inspired by a time of frustration in singer-songwriter Marie Ulven’s life, can certainly be relatable for an independent, impulsive Aquarius. The lyrics describe feelings of guilt caused by the narrator’s belief that their life is not truly being lived and a desire to be alone in order to muster the strength to keep up. These poetic lyrics combined with the steady, catchy percussion and echoing guitar riffs make for a catchy tune for an Aquarius to add to their playlist.

“Lovers Rock” – TV Girl

This TV Girl track combines singer Brad Petering’s captivating vocals and relaxed, pulsing beats that surrounds the entire track. A steady tambourine beat and echoing harmonious strings loop combined with lyrics that feature samples from French and American noir films and describe emotional detachment make this song perfect for an Aquarius to take a listen to.

“2 Cool 2 Care” – Anna Burch

This Anna Burch track incorporates bright musical melodies in order to disguise the ugly truth of the lyrics. Giving off a bubbly, 1960s vibe with its melodic background vocals and dreamy guitars, this song seems to be rather evergreen. However, Burch’s lyrics hint at a relationship’s unreliability and her imperfect, high-pitched falsetto at the chorus when the lyrics expose the narrator’s partner’s emotional void only further darkens this mood. These lyrics describe indifference and the narrator’s partner’s emotional detachment, this song is relatable for an unpredictable, often emotionally indifferent Aquarius.

“Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In” – The 5th Dimension

For obvious reasons, this 5th Dimension soulful track is perfect for an Aquarius. This song incorporates the group’s zest and triumphant abilities, especially prominent through their harmonies on this track. With lyrics revolving around positivity and peacefulness, this song is perfect for an open-minded, free-spirited Aquarius who is sure to appreciate the tune itself and the title of the catchy track.

“Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” – Cigarettes After Sex

Singer Greg Gonzalez’s voice is hazy and relaxing in this track that seems to drone on but repetitive drum beats reinforce the steady lull of this tender track. The sweet and sentimental lyrics echo the narrator’s promise to keep his partner safe as long as they remain together, a concept that an often emotionally conflicted Aquarius, who tends to display affection in interesting ways, can relate to.

“Hunnybee” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

This track is a lullaby of sorts dedicated to Nielson’s daughter and its relaxed disco vibe with eerie melodies makes it an intriguing song. It opens with a cluster of strings that soon fade into a soulful, R&B like beat. With lyrics that describe darkness and a naïve nature, this song encompasses advice and wisdom for the listener. An Aquarius who, as an Air Sign, enjoys giving advice can certainly enjoy this track.

“Paint It, Black” – The Rolling Stones

This psychedelic Rolling Stones track features haunting guitar riffs, overwhelming drum beats, steady bass lines, chilling organ melodies, and a melodic yet distinct sounding sitar. Combined with its dark yet captivating lyrics sang by Mick Jagger, this song was a unique hit for its time and it is still relevant today for an eccentric, often indifferent Aquarius.

“Stubborn Love” – The Lumineers

This sweet, folksy Lumineers song incorporates acoustic guitar strumming, syrupy cello melodies, and catchy percussion to create a wholesome love track. Its lyrics that describe a love that is optimistic yet stubborn is relatable for an unpredictable, stubborn Aquarius who often struggles with handling and displaying their emotions.

“Sin Triangle” – Sidney Gish

In this track, Sidney Gish’s lyrics point out her flaws before anyone else is able to. A somewhat reserved, sometimes superficial, and indifferent Aquarius can relate to this defensive mechanism. This song is light and amusing but serves to detail a modern coping mechanism. The layers of guitar Gish uses combined with a sample from a 1950s educational film with a purpose to improve personalities ties together this fuzzy yet catchy tune.

“Big Jet Plane” – Angus & Julia Stone

Written by Angus Stone and re-recorded with his sister Julia, this song is sweet and pleasant to the ears. With its wailing orchestral strings and vocal harmonies, this track perfects a folk-blues sound. Its nostalgic, whimsical lyrics describe a story of lost and new loves and seems to build climax throughout the track. This song would be essential for a free-spirited, eccentric Aquarius to listen to.

 “Oxford Comma” – Vampire Weekend

This Vampire Weekend catchy track features an organ and relaxed guitar solo that perfectly captures a charming, almost effortless tune. Vocalist and guitarist Ezra Koenig wrote this track’s lyrics after encountering the Oxford comma for the first time upon learning of a Columbia University Facebook student group dedicated to preserving the specific comma. The song is more related to not caring in general rather than caring specifically about the Oxford comma, but an intelligent, free-spirited Aquarius can relate to and appreciate this song regardless.