Big Meme Moods: “Or whatever Chainsmokers said”


Georgia Abdow

We all know and love the iconic college party song “Closer” by The Chainsmokers, featuring Halsey. If you don’t, then “do you really college?” No judgment, but after seeing this meme, I thought to myself how EDM is prominent in the college party scene. It is the perfect music to dance and get down to with your friends on a night out.

EDM was never something I was particularly drawn to, but I have recently indulged in the world of electronic music. After opening my mind and taking the time to hear different tracks, it is all I’ve been craving. While The Chainsmokers is defined as electronic-pop, I thought I’d expand from popular music and show you some EDM that I think is even better.

The first track is “Symfonia” by CloZee. CloZee is a French composer of the bass and trip-hop genres. Many of her songs are a melting pot of instrumentation and her sounds generally carry people to places they’ve never been before. In this song, she combines technical precision with a wild imagination. The different sounds come together to make a unique piece that draws electronic music lovers to truly appreciate her groundbreaking creative solutions.

The following song “You Know Nothing” by CharlestheFirst has lush roots and experimental composition, as does many of his other tracks. Charles is heavily influenced by nature and adventure, which is evident in his sound. This song has a danceable style that is rooted in dreamy vibes. It is a unique composition that can be a party song, or even a song to just chill, relax, and open your mind to.

Ganja White Night is a bass duo that composed the song “Smooooke.” This iconic duo has set the tone for bass music around the world. This track incorporates the Wobble sound that they are known for in the electronic community. It has unique features including infrequent, muddled vocals with altered pitches. The vibe of this song definitely fits in a party scene.

The last track is “PSYCHEDELIC” by LSDREAM featuring Taylr Renee. LSDREAM values the combination of spirituality and the human experience, which is evident in this song. Contrary to the other tracks I am recommending, this song incorporates clear psychedelic vocals from Taylr Renee that complete this LSDREAM bass-filled masterpiece. It is a perfect song to dance to with your friends on a night out.

While EDM is a very specific, community-based genre, I believe it is a sound that can be loved by anyone, if you find the right niche. These upbeat, danceable tracks can create a unique atmosphere that is enjoyable for any group of people that appreciate bass music. The songs vary in subgenre but are perfect for a party scene.