Songs for the Signs: Pisces’ Playlist


Pisces zodiac sign, blue star horoscope symbol. Stylized astrological illustration.

JJ Smith

It’s almost primetime for a Pisces! With their season lasting from February 19- March 20, a Pisces’ peak is coming soon. This sign reflects compassion, artistic ability, and imagination.

As a Water element, this sign is rather emotional and sensitive. They are known to be rather mysterious yet intuitive. A Water sign is typically supportive and loves intimacy. This sign is known to relate well to healing, friendship, purity, and love. Water is a necessity for us to live, so this sign is one to rely on and although it is the most basic element, it is the most important.

A Pisces, more specifically, tends to be artistic, imaginative, and musical. They are often fearful and sometimes can be a martyr but are quite selfless, tolerant, and gentle. They are loyal, compassionate companions and are known to be wise, despite being over trusting. A Pisces enjoys being alone, but also admires romance and time with close friends or family. An artistic Pisces enjoys art and visual media but also prefers sleep and downtime. They dislike criticism and cruelty, given their positive, sacrificing nature and ability to easily read a situation. A playlist for a Pisces would consist of an arrangement of easygoing, likeable songs that mirror the personality of a Pisces.

Dreams Tonite – Alvvays

 This Alvvays track offers a diverse yet relatable perspective on the timeline of a romance. Featured synths create a nostalgic dream-pop sound that is found in other tracks on the Antisocialitesalbum and allows for a dreamy melody throughout the song. Lead singer Molly Rankin’s vocals are rather composed until the end when she lets this front fall and reveals underlying pain described in the lyrics that tell a story of coincidental or purposeful forces that separate lovers. This song is perfect for a Pisces who adores romance and also tends to be more thoughtful and imaginative in situations.

1979 – Smashing Pumpkins

This song might be the most iconic Smashing Pumpkins track because of its melody and lyrics that create an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. Guitars and drums are the only instruments featured and when combined, a light, distant melody is created that draws you in to the soothing nature of the song. The lyrics signify a coming of age story, complete with the emotions that highlight this full circle feeling. A Pisces, who is typically fearful of a lingering, haunting past, can find satisfaction with the calming, bittersweet nostalgia prompted by this song.

My Favorite Fish – Gus Dapperton

 This Gus Dapperton track is a dreamy ode to his girlfriend in the form of a musical melody love letter. The sound of this track is unique compared to Dapperton’s previous work that toyed with soft-rock, new wave, bedroom pop sounds and instead, this catchy tune combines R&B and pop to create this slowed down song. A Pisces, who enjoys romance and whose astrological symbol displays two fish swimming in opposite directions, can certainly connect to this slow serenade.

 Loneliest Heart – Molly Burch

Many of the tracks on Burch’s album, Please Be Mine,are about heartbreak and loss, but they are reshaped to be love songs for moving forward and this track specifically embodies this hopefulness. Burch’s expressive lyrics and warm, gentle vocals create a pure, simple sound that resembles Fifties pop and is supported by a mellow guitar, bass, and slowed tempo. This hushed lament of a love song can spark comfort in a sometimes lonesome yet hopeful Pisces.

Artists Only – Talking Heads

This Talking Heads track is featured on More Songs About Buildings and Food, the band’s second studio album. This album was a greater step towards a danceable style and singer David Byrne’s unusual rhythmic style. This song explores many different styles and features rapid rhythm while the lyrics sarcastically expose the problems prompted by art schools teaching artists to prove their creativity in uniform ways, which Byrne opposes. An artistic, creative Pisces can certainly agree with this message while enjoying this creative blend of melodies and rhythm.

 My Old Ways – Dr. Dog

This Dr. Dog track is reminiscent of 60’s guitar pop, and the choppy piano, rhythmic tambourine, and bass add to the catchiness of the melody. The lyrics express a fear of reverting to past habits, and lead singer Scott McMicken’s cries combined with backing vocals’ harmonies creates a charismatic sound. A Pisces, who often worries about a haunting past, can relate to these expressed ideas of moving forward while enjoying this catchy, creative melody.

 Cigarette Daydreams – Cage the Elephant

 This final track on Cage the Elephant’s album, Melophobia, is a lyrically reflective yet inconclusive song that layers piano, strings, and acoustic guitar to create a hopeful, bittersweet melody. A Pisces, who tends to be an imaginative dreamer and hopeful being, can certainly enjoy the emotion and aesthetic of this powerful piece.

 Violet – Hippo Campus

 This Hippo Campus song features simplistic yet meaningful lyrics that express ideas of rebellion and dissatisfaction with American cultural ideals, humorously hinting that the American dream is unobtainable. Energetic guitars, intense percussion, and vocals that progress from a hushed delivery to a wailing cry are combined to create a carefree, catchy tune that a Pisces, who identifies with the described color, is sure to enjoy.

 Speaking Gently – BADBADNOTGOOD

This track is an instrumental, funky instrumental groove that was self-produced by BADBADNOTGOOD. A gentle, compassionate Pisces can certainly identify with the track’s title and enjoy the rhythmic melody that consists of a blend of electronic synthetic keyboard sounds, soulful percussion, and jazzy saxophone riffs.

 Teenage Blue – Dream Girl

 This Dream Girl track is a perfect blend of indie pop and surf rock that embodies devotion throughout the song. Featuring lead singer Lacey Hopkins’ wispy vocals that wail powerful lyrics of obsessive admiration, a steady dreamy guitar riff, and soft rhythmic drumline, this track delivers the euphoric emotion of first love. A romantic Pisces can appreciate this message and enjoy the beautiful blend of melodies.

 Underwater – Porches

 This Porches album is an introspective one and follows a theme of water. This track specifically features crisp snares, shaky basslines, melodic synths, and lead singer Aaron Maine’s expressive voice singing lyrics that allude to a playful dialogue in response to Frankie Cosmos’ song “High There Ronni Underwater”. Water is a recurring theme of Porches’ album, Pool, and a Pisces who identifies as a Water element can certainly appreciate this connection.