Monthly Mixtape: Meet Me On The Quad

AU Quad

Photo Credit: Lily Coltoff

Claire Daniel

If Wednesday was any indication, quadding season is quickly approaching and one of the most vital components of a good ~quadding sesh~ is the music. Your playlist can make or break the time that you spend with your friends and its importance cannot be understated. So I have decided to lend a hand through my innate playlist making abilities.

For this month’s Monthly Mixtape, I have compiled a playlist mixed with old jams that will perpetually deliver and some newer tunes that will not disappoint. Check out a brief synopsis of some of my personal favorite songs on the playlist below:

  1. Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles

It would be criminal to exclude this song from this playlist. It had me ready for summer and spending time outside in the middle of November, which is kind of rude seeing as how we were barely into winter but whatever. Harry is forgiven because this song is just *chef’s kiss*.

  1. It Might Be Time – Tame Impala

Tame made their long awaited return with their new album, The Slow Rush, and It Might Be Time has quickly become one of my personal favorites off the record. The song is a perfect showcase of the band’s swirly psych synths but has meatier bass and drumlines than what we’ve heard before. The result? A banger.

  1. Swingin Party- The Replacements

This song drums up the strongest feelings of ease and nostalgia in anyone. Its surfer-rock feel makes it perfect for hanging out with your friends, enjoying beautiful weather and remarking on the fact that for the first time, the quad doesn’t smell like actual feces.

  1. Hold On You – Valley Queen

If you haven’t heard of this band, I feel genuinely bad for you. Valley Queen has been at it for a while and are FINALLY starting to get the recognition they deserve. They have a sort of country influenced California-rock sound and their song, Hold On You, screams that. Do yourself a favor and check them out. Outside. On the quad. With your friends.

  1. The Obvious Child – Paul Simon

This may be one of the best songs of all time and I will defend that claim until the day I die. This song is timeless. Its strong, almost marching band-like drum line and folky guitar chords illicit pure joy. It’s something that you can’t help but feel good listening to. It’s a masterpiece.

  1. Restless Year – Ezra Furman

This song makes me feel like I’m in a 90s indie movie about college kids and I’m here for it.

  1. This Life – Vampire Weekend

Even though this song is about cheating through life and “all its suffering,” sonically it’s a really fun and happy song. Just, ignore the lyrics and it’s a great quadding song.

  1. Judy You Hung the Moon – HARBOUR

Whenever I listen to this song, I’m mad that I’m not outside. It makes you want to immediately flee to the nearest beach, but until summer is officially upon us, the quad will have to do.

  1. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

This song is a classic, and for very good reason. It has stood the test of time because it can make even the most pressed person crack a smile.

  1. Adore You – Harry Styles.

This one’s self-explanatory.

The full playlist, as well as my last one, can be found on Spotify by searching the full title of the column!