Respect the Classics- Iggy Pop (The Stooges) and Matt Schultz (Cage the Elephant)


Zoe Joy

Though The Stooges and Cage the Elephant do not sound remotely similar to each other, the lead singers of both bands are cut from the same cloth. For a Respect the Classics first, the lyrics and sounds of these two bands will not be compared; instead, let’s talk about their electric stage presences!

For those who have not had the opportunity of seeing Cage the Elephant live, you have also deprived yourself of seeing Schultz strut across the stage, climb equipment, gyrate, scream, smoke, and strip seven layers of clothing off, ending up in basketball shorts from the 80s, knee socks,ballet flats, and a variety of masks. The intensity of the band’s high energy frontman seems to juxtapose their music, which is predominantly known for being calmer music to vibe to with your friends. After experiencing the insanity that is Matt Schultz, Cage’s music suddenly adopts new meanings and feelings. Their concert is one of the few concerts that I’ve attended where I felt as if I had run three full marathons in a thick wool coat and heels; that is to say that I needed several bottles of water and a good foot massage after the show because of the moshing that Schultz insisted the audience partook in. I loved every single second of it.

Courtesy of my friend James Carline

Unfortunately, I was never able to attend a Stooges concert, due to me being 19 and stuff, but the experience has been documented and reviewed as equally magnetic. Following suit from his pioneering performing idol, Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop became absolutely insane on stage.  James Osterberg (Iggy Pop) was famous for moving around frenetially around the stage, as if he was being possessed by the music that he was performing.  According to my parents who saw Iggy Pop at the Virgin Mobile Music Festival in 2008, Iggy was not only the oldest performer at the festival, but was the highest energy performer by far. He’s never lost his incredible ability of bringing his passion for music to the forefront of every single performance, so it’s only right for him to be considered a classic rock and roll superhero-diva extraordinaire.

Normally I include lyrical comparisons but in this case, I’m going to include some comparison photos of live performances of the two bands. Enjoy and see for yourself their insanity and don’t forget to Respect the Classics!

Courtesy of James Carline