A Song for Each Sign

JJ Smith

Astrology is a complex study of the relationships between the sun, moon, stars, and planets that ultimately come together to influence human’s actions. There are 12 different signs and each individual has a specific zodiac sign and horoscope depending on when their birth date falls. Each sign then possesses a multitude of different traits that makes each sign unique. Then, there are the different assortments of alignments of planets, moons, and suns, all of which further signify relationships in astrology. In astrology often, the 12 zodiac signs may possess similar traits that create an overlap, but each sign remains unique for the most part.

In these crazy, confusing times, though, when the world seems to be turning upside down, all humans, regardless of zodiac sign or alignment of planets, seem to be sharing common feelings of concern, confusion, and stress.

Here’s a playlist composed of an upbeat song for each sign to keep things positive while these tough times pass. Hopefully these tailored tunes can give you a brief insight to astrology and some snappy songs to dance to in the meantime.

Aries – Tongue Tied– Grouplove

 An Aries is typically a courageous, enthusiastic, impulsive individual. An Aries has a kind heart and brave spirit, with a tendency to always speak their minds. Although an Aries can be childish or stubborn sometimes, they are very determined, eccentric individuals with ambitious personalities. An Aries would love to listen to Grouplove’s well-known, upbeat track, “Tongue Tied”, to boost their mood. The song begins with a quiet humming guitar before escalating into an outburst of song in the form of a catchy, confident melody.

 Taurus – Chinese New Year– SALES

 A Taurus tends to be stubborn, yet very intelligent and reliable. They are very stable individuals and tend to stray from risks, but they constantly persevere in life and remain loyal often. A Taurus, who is often doubtful of new and unusual situations, can benefit from listening to this SALES’ track a few times to lift their spirits and transform their outlook on changes. “Chinese New Year” features an upbeat rhythm that gives off a bubblegum pop vibe featuring a subtle yet constant ukulele presence. This track has a melody that is undeniably infectious and can certainly cheer up a Taurus.

 Gemini – Electric Love– Børns

A Gemini is often the most difficult sign to understand. They prefer to keep their struggles to themselves and tend to be bold and inquisitive with fast, curious minds. They have a hard time sitting still and can get bored rather easily, given their eternally young nature. An impulsive and outgoing Gemini can spend time at home bopping to Børns’single “Electric Love”. With its catchy guitar riffs and pop-rock synthetic sounds molding with the singer’s eccentric, melodic vocals, this song is sure to brighten up a Gemini’s day at home.

 Cancer – Lovers Rock– TV Girl

 A Cancer is known to be a loyal, protective, intuitive individual who often puts family first and has the best interests at heart. A Cancer often refuses to back down and expects to be trusted, given their tendency to always speak the truth and to despise lies. This sign is highly imaginative and tends to be very sensitive, often causing them to withdraw inwardly, despite being good listeners with a love for caring for others. A Cancer would find their mood to be brightened by listening to TV Girl’s “Lovers Rock”, a feel-good song with a mixture of low-fi synth beats, melodic hooks, and samples from American and French noir films that come together to create a dreamy tune about love, lust, and loss.

 Leo – Golden– Harry Styles

 A Leo tends to be an enthusiastic, passionate, and generous individual. This sign tends to be confident and can even appear as arrogant at times. A Leo likes to help others and enjoys being in control. They are typically sensitive, creative, caring individuals who aspire to always do the right thing. A Leo often feels unhappy because they spend their time caring too much about how others perceive them, but a few loops of Harry Styles’ “Golden” is sure to put this sign in a more positive mood. This album opener is carefree and upbeat, despite its lyrics suggesting a subtle message of underlying heartbreak. “Golden” is not considered the highlight of Styles’ Fine Line, but it remains a charismatic song for Leos to take a listen to.


 Virgos are critical thinkers who tend to be hardworking, patient people with an attention for details. They can be rather timid, given their reserved, down-to-earth personality, but can be defensive if criticized. A Virgo is a faithful, artistic perfectionist who is known to be sweet, which is why BROCKHAMPTON’s “Sugar” would be the perfect song for this sign to take a listen to. This track features members reflecting on past relationships’ empty memories while also wistfully hoping for someone to stand by their side. “Sugar” is a soulful song featuring Ryan Beatty’s layered vocals and a prominent guitar that combines to create an upbeat track full of desire that lingers on both past and present.

 Libra – Love You For A Long Time– Maggie Rogers

 A Libra is known to thrive on harmony and honesty. Libras have charming personalities, making them very memorable individuals. A Libra tends to easily investigate situations and it can often feel like they can read your mind, no matter how reserved you appear. A Libra loves with their entire soul and tends to be a romantic with an appreciation for music.  A Libra would love Maggie Rogers’ “Love You For A Long Time”, an upbeat track that channels an acoustic energy with Rogers’ intense voice that delivers poetic lyrics detailing the complexities of love, building warmth and affection without fail.

 Scorpio – Best Tears – The Happy Fits

 A Scorpio is often an intense, passionate, and careful individual with a strong sense of who they are. They are often serious and are never easily fooled, due to their curiosity and constant questioning. They spend a lot of energy protecting themselves from being hurt but tend to go to great measures to protect those they care about in life as well. A Scorpio is very genuine and drawn to optimism, which is why a Scorpio would appreciate The Happy Fits’ “Best Tears”. This energetic, fresh track featuring catchy guitar riffs and upbeat tempo gives off the positivity that Scorpios are so supportive of.

 Sagittarius – Lust for Life – Girls

 A Sagittarius is an extremely honest and independent individual who is known to always have many questions. They are adventurous and can become easily restless or anxious when unable to explore, especially given that they want to always expand their knowledge of the world they live in. A Sagittarius is a people person who enjoys paving paths to things unknown and loves breaking barriers. This sign can enjoy listening to Girls’ “Lust for Life”, an upbeat song about aspirations. Opening with a rhythmic guitar riff that leads into lyrics that unfold into an impressive list of daydreams, this likable, optimistic track is perfect for a Sagittarius to appreciate.

 Capricorn – I’ll Be Your Pilot – Belle and Sebastian

 A Capricorn is often an ambitious, persistent, practical person who values responsibilities and status. This sign is naturally serious but can also be rather sensitive, and a Capricorn often silently makes great sacrifices for loved ones without craving recognition. They carry heavy burdens but remain stoic, pushing through obstacles and being a reliable human. Belle and Sebastian’s “I’ll Be Your Pilot” is a perfect, laidback tune for this dependable sign. This track is full of vocal harmonies, acoustic riffs, and affection. With lyrics that describe reliability and humanity, this song is essential for a Capricorn to listen to and enjoy.

 Aquarius – Everything Now– Arcade Fire

 An Aquarius is typically an independent, innovative, and unique individual who has an eccentric perspective and an out of the box thinking style. They often hide their true feelings and tend to be rather observant overthinkers. An Aquarius is rather genuine and often sees through others’ phoniness, but this sign can be either emotionally detached or extremely emotional. An intelligent, overthinking Aquarius can let loose with a listen to Arcade Fire’s “Everything Now”, a cheerful melody featuring a thumping rhythm, a chirpy piano, and breezy lyrics that describe information overload in the age of internet.

 Pisces – Stolen Dance– Milky Chance

 A Pisces is the most artistic of the signs and tends to be overly emotional, yet rather closed off, and empathetic. This sign is often unselfish and prefers to stay out of the limelight. They are often overly cautious, given that their caring, trusting nature has sometimes been taken advantage of by others in the past. A Pisces is intuitive, introspective, and idealistic, which is why this sign could enjoy Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance”, a surprisingly successful single that blends layers of gentle guitar strumming, serene beats, and simply lyrics that make for a lovely, understated hit.