Album Review:​ Know it All by Carmen Canedo


Joseph Patella

My Favorite Tracks:​ August, At All, How Can I Know You?, Last Week

If you’re looking for a lofi, indie-folk experience, ​Know it All​ by Carmen Canedo is for you.

Canedo, a student at AU, is no stranger to the music scene. Apart from already having an album under her belt, Canedo has also been touring and playing music since grade school; she even took a gap year after graduating high school to play bass for the indie band Soccer Mommy.

Before transferring to AU in the spring of 2020, Canedo was based in her hometown of Nashville, TN. This becomes evident when you first spin her new record, ​Know it All​. On first listen, you can hear the southern country roots in- not only her emotional voice – but in her guitar playing as well. Most of the tracks on the album are accompanied by fingerpicking guitar; Canedo even appears to break out a nylon-stringed guitar in the track ​Reflections on Glass.​ The album perfectly blends a lofi production with a folksy southern tinge, not an easy feat. Canedo’s haunting and dreamy vocals sound like something á la Patsy Cline or Hayley Williams (two of Canedo’s biggest inspirations) along with elements of indie-folk artist Haley Heynderickx mixed with California-based band, Mazzy Star.

In ​Know it All​, most songs have simple instrumentation to serve as the backing for Canedo’s chilling, cutting vocals that dominate the majority of the songs. Each song is almost guaranteed to put the listener into a dream-like trance. If you want to listen to something that makes you feel like you’re floating in a blissful dream, ​Know it All​ is for you.

Know it All c​omes out on June 6th, through OOF Records, a DC/NY-based label founded by Virginia-native Ava Mirzadegan.

You can find Know it All on ​Bandcamp here.