Album Review: Wachito Rico by Boy Pablo

Boy Pablo album review

Rowan Collazzo

It didn’t seem too long ago in 2017 when the group of Norweigen teenage boys Boy Pablo made their way into the indie-pop scene with their viral music video Everytime, assisted by the mysterious Youtube algorithm. Steadily increasing in popularity these past three years with their lush and hypnagogic sound, the group finally released their first ever studio album Wachito Rico. Translating in Chilean slang to “handsome boy,” the record centers around the self-named protagonist who experiences first love and the highs and lows that come along with it. 

A notable aspect of the record is that the group plays around with sounds and genres. This is exemplified through bittersweet and psychedelic jangle pop numbers (hey girl, rest up), upbeat disco anthems (wachito rico), softer and lonelier Spanish-influenced ballads (te vas // don’t go, aleluya), or even tongue-in-cheek moments here and there such as with “moustache” which center’s around the narrator’s frustration in growing facial hair (one of my personal favorites). Similar to what made Pet Sounds so special for decades, Boy Pablo released a tight collection of songs with versatile moods and atmospheres to represent the mixed feelings that come with being a young adult.

Although nothing overly ambitious in songwriting or nature, the record shows the artists’ maturity and will not disappoint fans of the group. I will be interested to see the direction Boy Pablo takes their sound in years to come.