Foo Fighters Play Last-Minute 9:30 Club Show; Announce a Special Surprise for the City


Picture Credit: u/thedzer on Reddit

Joseph Patella

Yesterday, the Foo Fighters announced a surprise show at the legendary 9:30 club, ending the club’s “reopening week.” Tickets sold out almost immediately- in less than 10 minutes. The band played an energy-filled set and dominated the stage for over two hours, ignoring the District’s 10:30 curfew. They played 21 songs, including a song from Grohl’s newest project, the “DeeGees,” a Bee Gees cover band. “It’s no Go-Go,” Grohl remarked, referencing the city’s rich musical past, “but still.” The band also took a fan request and played “Weenie Beenie off their first record, a song that hasn’t been played since 2018. Grohl also took to the kit for a Queen cover, ripping drum solo after drum solo, even including a snippet from Queens of the Stone Age’s “No One Knows”, a song Grohl helped the band record in 2002.

Grohl went on a rant about the old 9:30 club, originally at 930 F Street. “What is it now, a f**king J Crew or some sh**? F*** that! … That was our church! And it was such a f***king sh**hole… but magic happened in that room.”

The Foo Fighters frontman then ended his speech with an absolute bombshell: “Guess what? They’re going to open up a place that’s an exact replica [of the original club] next door… Nobody knows that, because I’m the first one to tell you right now.”

He then poked the crowd, “You guys want us to play there?” After a roaring crowd, he laughed. “I’m not playing that f***ing sh**hole… who am I kidding, we’ll probably end up opening it right?” The question was pointed at Seth Hurwitz, the current owner of the club, who sat right above Grohl. “Everybody calls the f***ing Foo Fighters when they need to open a club.”

The band ended the set with their concert staple, “Everlong. A sold-out crowd of 1,200 singing in harmony was the perfect christening to the new beginning of concerts.

“I don’t wanna talk about the last f***ing year and a half. I don’t wanna think about it,” Grohl colorfully remarked, “that was the last year and a half. It’s now. Let’s think about f***ing now.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.