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AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


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Current Columns:

Our resident staff writers publish biweekly columns on various niches and themes.

Notes with Nicole

“My column provides a creative explanation for songs that mean something to me. I like to add poetic elements to my blog because I love hearing that in songs. Most of the songs I will write about will have that poetic aspect. I also love astrology, so I hope to incorporate that by assigning a song to each sign and different placements!” – Nicole Flanagan

Now Playing:

“Every two weeks, I reset my Spotify playlist “Now Playing:” in order to reflect the music I’m listening to right now. It serves as a way for me to escape the music rut we are all prone to fall into sometimes—maybe I can help others as well! In this column, I’ll break down the songs, artists, and genres I added to my playlist, and hopefully inspire others to try out new music.” – Sabrina Capello


“All things written about what I am listening to at the very moment. Could be some Faye Webster to some Glaive, it varies. I also attend a ton of shows to write my reviews and recaps on them!” – Renan Rocha

Aidan Takes on Music

“My column will consist of reviewing latest albums and songs, as well as discussing the impact music has on people. There will also be concert reviews and recommendations.” – Aidan Jacketta

Puddle Music

“Puddle Music is inspired by a playlist of all of my favorite songs called “laying face down in a puddle”. These are songs that are so good that when I listen to them I feel the need to submerge my head in a puddle of rain water just so I can experience them more. In my column I discuss albums, songs, and artists that I love while analyzing lyrics and looking at artists and their backgrounds. Hopefully when reading Puddle Music every other Friday you can find some songs that make you want to lay in a puddle too.” – Sara Lippman

Harrowing Happenings

“A bi-weekly column where I discuss different subjects pertaining to the music world, whether it be shows I go to, some of my favorite artists, rants, etc.” – Franky Rodriguez

An Unrelated Analysis

“A series connecting seemingly different aspects of musical culture.” – Drew Dale

Playlist #154

“I have over 200 playlists on Spotify, so one of them has got to fit your specific mood.” – Megan McNamara

Color Theory

“My column explores how people sort their music into different color categories. I look at the vibes and emotions that I associate with each color and then find songs that I think belong in these categories.” – Emma Spencer

Louder Than Words

“Louder Than Words is a column about all things music, pop culture, and more. As Hans Christian Anderson said “where words fail, music speaks.” Louder than words will explore all the ways that music expresses that which words cannot.” – Kate Kroll


“Nomenclature reviews indie and alternative songs/albums/artists with a focus on artistic, instrumental, and lyrical analysis.” – Caroline Vuckovich

Radio Revolution

“Radio Revolution covers music’s intersection with pressing social issues. Music, and its artists and fans, both resist and reinforce societal movements, making it important to analyze how the two interact in revolutionary ways.” – Alexa Julian

In the Press

WVAU covers concert and artists in and around the District.

Concert Reviews

Reviews of recent shows.

Concert Previews

Looking for a show to go to? These artists are coming soon to DC.


Conversations with some of our favorite artists.

Music Reviews

Love The Rack? Read some of our reviews of the current rotating albums.