WVAU’s #4 AOTY: Melodrama by Lorde

WVAU's #4 AOTY: Melodrama by Lorde

Maria Carrasco

December 28, 2017

Ella Yelich-O‰'Connor, or better known as Lorde, released her sophomore album, Melodrama in the summer of 2017. This album touched upon her life and served to tell her coming of age story. From that, Lorde experiments with her sounds, from making songs that are heart-wrenching to really synth heavy. Her...

WVAU’s #4 SOTY: "Crew" by Goldlink

WVAU's #4 SOTY: "Crew" by Goldlink

Calkie Fisseha

December 28, 2017

Photo from Genius SCENE: The year is 2021. You are in the club, rich as hell and fresh as hell. You usually hate the club, but ever since you became rich, it ain‰'t so bad. There are bottles and beautiful people everywhere. You and your homies are looking around, thinking about how magical life is. ...



Emily Shelton

December 27, 2017

MASSEDUCTION stands as one of the more memorable albums of the year. Annie Clark, known as St. Vincent, has pioneered alt-pop experimental music to a cater to a mass audience. In MASSEDUCTION, Clark pivots more to pop and electronica more than ever. Clark seems to establish a new voice, a new life...

WVAU’s #5 SOTY: Bad and Boujee by Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert

WVAU's #5 SOTY: Bad and Boujee by Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert

Miguel Wilson

December 27, 2017

Photo from Soundcloud In this day and age, the margin for a song‰'s success is very small. Social media today makes it easier than ever for a song to fall out of the public‰'s eye. That is, unless you are one of the lucky few that stick to the wall of prosperity. Migos‰' “Bad and Boujee‰” d...

WVAU’s #6 SOTY: Location by Khalid

WVAU's #6 SOTY: Location by Khalid

Colin Doughterty

December 26, 2017

Photo from Genius Released to much critical acclaim, and an eventual Grammy nomination, Khalid‰'s first full-length LP American Teen has boosted the 19-year-old to instant stardom. Track after track reassure listeners that the future is bright for R&B. Hits like “Young Dumb & Broke‰” ...

WVAU’s #6 AOTY: Freudian by Daniel Caesar

WVAU's #6 AOTY: Freudian by Daniel Caesar

Miguel Wilson

December 26, 2017

Photo from Genius There must be something in Toronto‰'s water because they seem to be constantly churning out new musical talent. Consistently, for the past decade, exciting innovations in both rap and R&B have found their way across the border into the hearts and ears of Americans. Budding art...

WVAU’s #7 AOTY: the OOZ by King Krule

WVAU's #7 AOTY: the OOZ by King Krule

Maria Carrasco

December 25, 2017

Photo from Pitchfork English singer-songwriter Archy Marshall produced his second album, the OOZ, under the name King Krule and released it on Friday, October 13. And coming through, Marshall created a project that was sharp, coherent and in a way, agonizing. The title the OOZ shows how Marshall ...

WVAU’s #7 SOTY: Lens by Frank Ocean

WVAU's #7 SOTY: Lens by Frank Ocean

Sean McCarthy

December 25, 2017

Photo by Soundcloud There may be no more secretive figure in popular music then Frank Ocean. After bursting onto the scene in 2012 with Channel Orange he went into near exile for the next four years, appearing only to feature on a few Kanye West and Odd Future songs. He reappeared in 2016 with the rele...

WVAU’s #8 AOTY: Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples

WVAU's #8 AOTY: Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples

Maria Gramajo

December 24, 2017

Photo from tinymixtapes Vince Staples has a lot to say in his sophomore album, Big Fish Theory, and does not shy away letting the whole world know how he feels about issues of race, wealth, and the fragile rap industry. His album is unlike anything that has ever been heard before, truly progressive a...

WVAU’s #8 SOTY: New York by St. Vincent

WVAU's #8 SOTY: New York by St. Vincent

Kyle Mendelsohn

December 24, 2017

Photo from Consequence of Sound With her first album celebrating its ten-year anniversary, queen of abstract electropop tunes St. Vincent has transferred her ability to teeter the line between rocking out and tugging at listeners‰' heartstrings into her song “New York,‰Û released as a sin...

WVAU’s #9 AOTY: Drunk by Thundercat

WVAU's #9 AOTY: Drunk by Thundercat

Anying Guo

December 23, 2017

Photo from Highlander News Thundercat is the rare musical prodigy where 1) the word prodigy actually applies to his genius, 2) the often random fusion of genres and philosophical musings is purposeful, and 3) his persona aligns right up with the music he makes. It has not only been a pleasure to...

WVAU’s #9 SOTY: (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano by Sampha

WVAU's #9 SOTY: (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano by Sampha

Sean McCarthy

December 23, 2017

Photo from Sampha Most music fan‰'s first introduction to Sampha, whether they knew it or not, was on Drake‰'s 2013 song “Too Much." The airy vocal sample that comprises the hook of the song is pulled directly from a Sampha song of the same name, also released in 2013. Sampha was later featured o...

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