WVAU’s #7 Album of the Year: "Leave Me Alone" by Hinds


Meg Mowery

I‰’ve never been good at expressing my feelings in a non-self-deprecating-with-a-hint-of-meme way. I‰’ve always liked dancing, though. When the Spanish all gal garage rock band Hinds dropped their album Leave Me Alone, I found out dancing and expressing your feelings go pretty hand in hand.

Every song on this album calls for at the very least aggressive foot tapping or swaying from side to side. It would be really hard for me to listen to it on the metro and not maintain my safe 5 feet of personal space in the name of dance. I‰’d also probably find myself, as I have many times before, singing myself into self-reflection. With lyrics like “I am flirting with this guy, just to pretend I‰’m fine. Saliva mixed with lies my laugh is oversized. Forever yours, right?‰” Hinds delves deep into deeply honest and relatable content on this album. This album is the perfect mix of upbeat lo-fi garage rock and lyrics that were able to sum up feelings I would‰’ve never know how to address without these lovably authentic ladies.

In a little less than an hour, Leave Me Alone will make listeners feel, dance, and dance with feeling.


Courtesy of Meg Mowery