AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


EBOARD Fall 2023

The General Manager

Ava Leach

Ava Leach is a senior from Scranton, PA majoring in CLEG and minoring in Business and Entertainment. She has been involved with WVAU for three years. Ava can often be seen stomping across campus in her platform boots and signature black headphones. If she’s not in the studio, she’s probably at the Black Cat, her favorite D.C. venue where she works door. She’s Dave Grohl’s biggest fan, but she hates the Beatles. Her hobbies include listening to vinyl with the mouse living in her wall and constantly rewatching “Seinfeld.” Ava has loved WVAU since her first event as a freshman, and she’s so happy to be GM. Feel free to reach out with any questions (or comments about the Beatles).

The Assistant General Manager

Ellie Balk

Ellie Balk is a senior from Pittsburgh, PA (the best city in the world according to Web Director Kate Kessler). She is majoring in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and minoring in Psychology. She has been involved with WVAU since the fall of 2021. Ellie loves WVAU! She also really loves to bead, jellycats, and the color sage green. Her favorite foods are pickles and olives, and she does not care what you have to say about that. You can find her in the Battelle Atrium or the dav (if it’s nice out the chairs outside it). 

Questions for the GMs? Email [email protected]

The Programming Director

Eva Wallis

Eva Wallis is a junior from Fairfield, CT majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Communications. She has been involved with WVAU since the second semester of her freshman year. Eva literally never shuts up about WVAU. As Programming Director, she is a self-proclaimed freak in the (spread)sheets. She is a proud overpriced-latte-enjoyer and Snoopy enthusiast. Her hobbies include taking naps in hammocks, thrifting, watching movies, and forcing all her friends to take pictures with her stuffed bear, Skog.

Questions for the Programming Director? Email [email protected]

The Promotional Director

Bridget Nicolo

Bridget Nicolo is a sophomore from Scituate, MA majoring in Business & Entertainment with a Literature minor. She has been involved with WVAU since the first semester of her freshman year. Though Bridget experiences excruciating difficulty picking favorite artists, they include Big Thief, The White Stripes, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pinegrove, & (obviously) Nicki Minaj. Her favorite entrepreneur is Elizabeth Holmes, her favorite Elliott Smith song is “I Love My Room,” and her favorite film director is her roommate Emma Hall. She wants everyone to know that she won her elementary school Read-a-Thon in first grade.

Questions for the Promo Director? Email [email protected]

The Art Directors

Kathryn Staebler

Kathryn Staebler is a senior from Warwick, RI majoring in Environmental Science. She has been involved with WVAU for five semesters. Kathryn got her start with WVAU as a member of zine staff way back in the fall of 2021 and hasn’t looked back since. She loves reading, yoga, drawing, iced mochas from the Dav, and thinks that a swim in the ocean can fix any problem. This is her last semester of college (and WVAU) and she is SOOO SAD about it!! 

PJ Hogbin

PJ Hogbin is a junior from Berkeley Springs, WV double majoring in WGSS/American Studies. They have been involved with WVAU for one year. Their interests include watching “Jackass,” doodling, and making coffee. Coming to WVAU with an Appalachian folk art and music background, PJ is interested in seeing how a little twang can go a long way. 

Questions for the Art Directors? Email [email protected]

The Events Directors

Haddy Greenidge

Haddy Greenidge is a junior from Philadelphia, PA majoring in Political Science with a specialization in Comparative Politics and a minor in Anthropology. She has been involved with WVAU for two years. Haddy lives two lives—radio life, and politics life…radio life is much cooler. In her free time, she likes to say that she’s reading and listening to the newest jazz albums, but in real life, she’s most likely dancing around her room to Troye Sivan, Drake, and Yung Gravy. If you ever see Haddy walking around campus looking like she is deep in thought, she’s not. Go say hi!! College radio forever <3

Kaitlyn Chesleigh

Kaitlyn Chesleigh is a junior from Queens, NY majoring in Film and Media Arts and minoring in Psychology. Kaitlyn has been a member of WVAU since her freshman year in fall 2021. When they’re not in the studio, Kaitlyn enjoys making playlists for her friends, spending all her money on Poshmark, and looking at pictures of Adam Driver. If you need them, Kaitlyn can be found working in the AU Museum or at home procrastinating the work she has for the week by re-watching Fleabag for the 50th time.

Questions for the Events Directors? Email [email protected]

The Web Directors

Kate Kessler

Kate Kessler is a sophomore from Pittsburgh, PA (still the best city in the world) double majoring in Journalism and Music. She wrote for web staff for two semesters before joining the e-board this fall. Kate’s two favorite hobbies are writing and listening to / playing music, so naturally, she’s found a home in WVAU web staff. When she’s not editing articles and posting them to the website, you can find her jamming with her friends from the AU jazz band, steaming milk at the Davenport Coffee Lounge, and spending hours editing her articles for AWOL. Kate is an unashamed “Fight Club” enjoyer, and secretly, she wishes she could’ve lived through the ‘90s grunge era. She thinks that you should join WVAU web staff.

Adam Billen

Adam Billen is a Senior from Seattle, WA (an even best-er city than Pittsburgh) majoring in Data Science for Political Science with a minor in Russian. He was a DJ his Sophomore and Junior year before joining web staff. He has been concussed for the majority of his time in WVAU, and may be spotted turning off the lights in the studio. When he is not burning his brains out in the studio, in the library or at his computer at home, he is probably cooking, biking somewhere, playing Magic or reading a poorly written book. He rides unnecessarily hard for Seattle, and is convinced everyone odd enough to join college radio would love it as much as he does.

Questions for the Web Directors? Email [email protected]

The Tech Directors

Kelley Kloncz

Kelley Kloncz is a junior from Minnesota majoring in Audio Production and minoring in Business Entertainment. She participated in zine staff in the spring, and this is her first semester on e-board. Kelley spends her free time hanging out with her dog Spinkle, as well as messing around with her MIDI board and microphone. She plays a lot of Overwatch 2 with her boyfriend, and is obsessed with the Pizza Bolis special “The Meatster” (with ranch obvi). Her dream career is being a mixing engineer at a recording studio. 

Brian Johnke

Brian Johnke is a junior from Stamford, CT majoring in Audio Technology with a minor in Applied Physics. This is his second year as a radio DJ and his second semester as Tech Director. Brian specializes in Live Sound and Sound Design, and he fell in love with WVAU in 2022. Whether it be doing his weekly show or running concerts like Dosser at Captiol Boogie, WVAU has had a huge impact on his last two years.

Questions for the Tech Directors? Email [email protected]

The Music Directors

Lucas Matos

Lucas Matos is a senior from Pelham, NY majoring in Audio Production with a Studio Art minor. He has been involved with WVAU for one year. Lucas is the best Mario Kart player at American University, that is all you need to know about him.

Julia Royal

Julia Royal is a junior from Needham, MA. She is majoring in Public Health with a minor in Spanish. She has participated in WVAU for four semesters. Claymation fanatic, little house collector (@juliaslittlehouse), Survivor superfan.

Questions for the Music Directors? Email [email protected]

The Station Manager

Emma Davison

Emma Davison is a junior from Arlington, MA majoring in Psychology and minoring in Social & Community Health. She has participated in WVAU for four semesters. Emma is a ginger ale lover, silly knick-knack enthusiast, and a firm believer that you can scrapbook anything if you really put your mind to it.

Questions for the Station Manager? Email [email protected]

The Outreach Director

Margo Flanagan

Margo Flanagan is a junior from Wayne, Pennsylvania (PA supremacy) majoring in Foreign Language Communication Media with a minor in graphic design. She’s been involved with WVAU for about a year. Her hobbies include playing ultimate frisbee, painting nails, running amok, and preaching college radio forever!

Questions for the Outreach Director? Email [email protected]