AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


EBOARD Spring 2024

The General Manager

Ava Leach

Year: Senior

From: Scranton, PA

Studying: CLEG (major) & Business and Entertainment (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2021

About Ava: If she’s not in the WVAU studio or at the Dav, Ava is probably working a shift at the legendary Black Cat. You can easily spot her on campus with her signature black headphones that are blasting any and all types of music 24 hours a day. She’s Dave Grohl’s #1 fan, so don’t ask her about “Everlong” unless you want an earful. You can ask her anything about music, WVAU, or any combination of the two – she loves to yap about her favorite things!

The Assistant General Manager

Ellie Balk

Year: Senior

From: Pittsburgh, PA

Studying: Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (major) & Psychology (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2021

About Ellie: Ellie lovesss pickles and olives and enjoys spending time with her friends talking about formula 1, trolls 3, and music videos (esp the Not My Fault music video) she is very bitter sweet ab having to leave au, and will miss wvau the most <3 college radio forever!!!


 Questions for the GMs? Email [email protected]


The Programming Director

Alana Parker

Year: Sophomore

From: Portland, OR

Studying: Political Science & Journalism (double major)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2022

About Alana: When Alana isn’t jamming out at WVAU, you can find her at the Bridge or on the Hill (she is a hilltern…you can make fun of her it’s fine). Ask her anything about Mac Miller, her dog Franklin, South Park, or the Great Gatsby She’s been a DJ with WVAU since her first semester freshmen year and on Web Staff since last semester and she loooooovvvees college radio. Her favorite song right now is 21 Guns by Green Day but it will probably change by the time this is on the website. #collegeradio4ever #ilovewvau #listentomyshowthursdaysat10

Questions for the Programming Director? Email [email protected]

The Promotional Director

Andrew Webster

Year: Sophomore

From: Avon, CT

Studying: Political Science (major) & Legal Studies and International Business (minors)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2022

About Andrew: Andrew Webster loves to run, eat good food, read books, bake bread, hike, ski, and play guitar. He has the music taste of your grandma in the year 1994 mixed with tinges of post-ironic 2010s hyperpop, 90s hip-hop, laurel canyon folk, acid jazz, sad-indie girl, and 2000s acoustic. He is a Blossom Dearie supremacist, Elliot Smith wannabe, and Addison Rae apologist.

Questions for the Promo Director? Email [email protected]

The Art Directors

Bridget Nicolo

Year: Sophomore

From: Scituate, MA

Studying: Business Administration with a Marketing specialization (major) & Literature (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2022

About Bridget: Bridget likes Big Thief and Pinegrove and Sunny Day Real Estate and The White Stripes and Nicki Minaj and dirty chais and dancing and the song Modern Girl by Sleater-Kinney.


PJ Hogbin

Year: Junior

From: Berkeley Spring, WV

Studying: in the Department of Critical Race, Gender and Culture Studies

Has been in WVAU since: Spring 2022

About PJ: PJ can’t think of what more you could possibly want to know. You can always ask more, but it’ll cost you.

Questions for the Art Directors? Email [email protected]

The Events Directors

Samantha Merar-Osborne

Year: Junior

From: Pittsburgh, PA

Studying: International Studies and Russian Studies (double major) & Studio Art (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2021

About Samantha: Samantha has been involved with WVAU since her freshman year and has devoted her life to it ever since. She loves to talk all things music, events planning, and everything in between and is more than happy to discuss it with anyone who wants to. In her free time you can probably find her at the nearest record store or art museum. Samantha hosts her show, deep cuts, on Mondays from 4-5.


Maddie Ogletree

Year: Sophomore

From: Fairfax, VA

Studying: Public Relations (major) & Marketing (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Spring 2023

About Maddie: If Maddie had both the funds and the connections to plan her dream event for WVAU, she would plan a boxing match between Robert Smith and Morrissey in the middle of TDR.

Questions for the Events Directors? Email [email protected]

The Web Directors

Kate Kessler

Year: Sophomore

From: Pittsburgh, PA

Studying: Journalism & Music (double major)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2022

About Kate: Kate is (unsurprisingly) a huge fan of music, and usually finds herself listening to alternative rock. When she’s not posting articles to WVAU’s website, she’s most likely making music with her friends in the school’s jazz band, making lattes at the Dav, editing articles for AWOL or listening to music staff’s latest addition to the rack. She loves her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, and her best friend is her dog, Randall.

Zoe Kallenekos

Year: Senior

From: Stamford, CT

Studying: Journalism (major) & American Studies (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Spring 2022 (with a brief online stint in Fall 2020!)

About Zoe: Aside from music, Zoe loves words and games, and therefore makes sure to do the New York Times Wordle and Mini Crossword every day, without fail. When not in class, Zoe is usually down the hall working as an editor for AWOL. If she’s not there, she can often be found at home listening to CDs (not vinyls, fight me) and petting cats (shoutout Woody and Buzz). Tune into Party For One (Zoe’s 4th and final show) Tuesdays at 9 p.m.!!!

Questions for the Web Directors? Email [email protected]

The Tech Directors

Kelley Kloncz

Year: Junior

From: Minnesota

Studying: Audio Production (major) & Business and Entertainment (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Spring 2023

About Kelley: In her free time Kelley likes to play video games, make music, hang with her dog spinkle, and read. She can talk for hours about sonic the hedgehog, qanon, and why espresso martinis are the best. She hopes to be a mixing engineer one day or make video game music. RUSH WVAU !¡!!¡¡


Sam Farace

Year: Sophomore

From: Hershey, PA

Studying: Audio Production & Business and Entertainment (double major)

Has been in WVAU since: Spring 2024

About Sam: Sam is heavily involved with live-sound on campus, as a production assistant at the Greenberg Theater, sound-designing the DPA’s Henri 4, and tech directing wvau’s sick live shows

Questions for the Tech Directors? Email [email protected]

The Music Directors

Myla Pirmann

Year: Freshman

From: Baltimore, MD

Studying: Business and Entertainment

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2023

About Myla: Myla is a huge concert fan! She does Street Team for the 9:30 Club and is a member of the Women’s Rugby Team at AU! She would like to a give a shoutout to her parents for taking her to so many local shows as a kid.

Aarsh Raja

Year: Freshman

From: Boyds, MD

Studying: Philosophy

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2023

About Aarsh: In his free time (and while at home), Aarsh enjoys pottery, rock climbing, messing around with his guitar, gardening, and being outside and exploring.



Questions for the Music Directors? Email [email protected]

The Station Manager

Gabi Johnson

Year: Freshman

From: Cheshire, CT

Studying: CLEG (major) & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (minor)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2023

About Gabi: When they’re not in the studio, they can be found dancing around their room, probably to Taylor Swift, painting watercolour, making fresh pasta, or forcing all of their friends to rewatch Fleabag or Moonstruck with them. If you need to find them, they can be found stomping around campus in Doc Martens with an iced matcha lavender latte in hand.

Questions for the Station Manager? Email [email protected]

The Outreach Director

Rebbeca Haghnegahdar

Year: Freshman

From: The Bay Area, California

Studying: Journalism & Economic (double major)

Has been in WVAU since: Fall 2023

About Rebecca: Rebbeca is a freshman from California serving as outreach director this semester. Outside of WVAU, she loves to dance, bake and explore the city with her friends. She loves all things music, from concerts to collecting vinyls and stalking her friends on airbuds. Her favorite artists include Lana Del Rey, Beabadoobee, Childish Gambino and more!

Questions for the Outreach Director? Email [email protected]