WVAU’s #8 Song of 2016: "The Season/Carry Me" by Anderson .Paak


Calkie Fisseha

“The Season/Carry Me‰” is the perfect introduction to Anderson .Paak. There is no doubt that this dude is nothing short of amazing. SERIOUSLY. His type of music can’t even be restricted to one or two genres. And those damn drums. THOSE DRUMS! The switch up between “The Season‰” and “Carry Me‰” balances the two sides of Anderson .Paak you’ll hear on the rest of Malibu. You kind of feel like you’re in church while catching waves on the beach and walking down a busy street- all at the same time. You probably don’t know what I mean if you haven’t heard this song. If you have, you know exactly what I mean.

Malibu is one of the best albums of 2016. I’m dead serious. I even suggested it to my environmental science professor. I’m a strong believer in all people needing to hear good music, even if it means giving recommendations to the person who taught the class that caused an obscene amount of stress this semester. Anderson .Paak has been hustling forever and I’m so happy that he’s finally getting the shine he deserves.