WVAU 2015: Best Twitter

Lauren Peressini, Maddy Thigpen, Maddy Thigpen


Possibly the only rapper that follows (1.31 million) more people than follow him (1.2 million) on twitter. People today are awfully concerned with their ratios on social media. Lil B is not one of those people. Lil B is not afraid to flood your timeline, if you follow him, at any point in time with mass retweets from his fans, often including personal replies. Basically any tweet with #thankyoubasedgod Lil B will retweet. My personal favorite point in time like this is what I affectionately call “GIRL TIME‰” (which when I say outside sounds a lot like Oprah giving away a car). During “GIRL TIME‰” Lil B retweets photos of girls who tag @LILBTHEBASEDGOD and @girltimeUSA. These photos often include “Lil B The Based God‰” written somewhere on the girl‰’s body.

            Also Lil B likes to superfluously end his tweets with ‰-Lil B‰’, just to ensure credit is always given where credit is due.

            Lil B is not one to hide his political views on social media. He is a strong Bernie supporter! Bernie welcomes Lil B‰’s support and the two have a great relationship. Lil B is an advocate for the environment and racial justice and just overall human love and equality.

            Lil B is an embodiment of what it means to be based and to live a #based life, to which we should strive to achieve. To me, being #based is just always keeping it positive and letting everyone know. Positivity is contagious, and Lil B is patient zero.

            Basically, if you‰’re ever feeling low, Lil B‰’s twitter is the place to go. He is sure to raise your spirits, provide some laughs, and perhaps even give personal inspiration if you ask him nicely!

            The most accurate part of Lil B‰’s twitter bio is definitely ‰Historical Online Figure.‰’ His tweets transcend the music world and are instead words to live by. Here are some of my personal favorites:

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD: wee wee, hello (Lil B walks in the store with a tiny shirt and green hat) (store owner looks amazed to see Lil B) (Lil B walks out)‰Û

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD: You as a person is amazing do other humans tell you how great you are? I love you ‰ÛÒLil B‰Û


@LILBTHEBASEDGOD: I wanna let everyone no that I haven‰’t littered in years! I‰’m so happy about that I love you earth! Thank you!!! Thanks for everything- Lil B‰Û

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD: humans need to love each other because one day the animals and earth will turn on us? LOVE THE PERSON.. WHO MIGHT I ASK… I LOVE YOU ‰ÛÒLil B‰Û

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD: take out the t in thug and you get hug :+) ‰ÛÒ Lil B‰Û

@LILBTHEBASEDGOD: RT this is you like soft pancakes ‰ÛÒLil B‰Û

– Lauren Peressini 


Nicki Minaj  @NICKIMINAJ

Courtesy of  Rolling Stone

Nicki Minaj is the most prominent and successful female rapper in hip-hop as well as an American cultural icon. Her twitter presence is a medley of fan interaction, self-promotion and the occasional interjection into social justice conversation. Minaj‰’s 20.3 million followers seem to be more of friends than fans in her daily interactions with them. Her consistent activity on twitter is no doubt a contributing factor to her giant and loyal fanbase also known as the Barbz. One of her most iconic twitter moments of the year was shutting down Taylor Swift who assumed that Minaj‰’s tweet about racism and sexism in the music industry was aimed at her. The media immediately decided that this meant war between Swift and Minaj, even though they continued to have and amiable relationship after the very public disagreement.

Perhaps what made her twitter account so entertaining to follow this past year was the nightly recap of all of the fooling around that happened that night at her show on The PinkPrint Tour. Each night a new video would emerge of a different fan she had decided to bring onstage that night. The open and friendly relationship she maintains withs translates to joking chastising anytime she makes a typo or posts a particularly racy picture to Instagram. Each time she accomplishes something remarkable (which is quite often) there is always a quick eruption of praise from the Barbz. Most notably when Minaj announced that she would be creating a TV show based on her life on ABC Family. The entire day leading up to it her twitter favorites were filled with wild guesses on what her big surprise would be and after the announcement sheer excitement. Last month the when the first trailer for the third Barbershop trailer came out, featuring Minaj as a main cast member her Barbz immediately took to twitter to post memes and exclaim their praise for Minaj. Nicki Minaj is one of few superstars who maintains a constant and personal relationship with her fans, and will always fiercely defend herself against naysayers, for this reason and more she is deserving of the best celebrity twitter of the year.

-Madeline Thigpen