WVAU’s #10 Album of 2015: "T R A P S O U L" by Bryson Tiller

T R A P S O U L is not only novel and exciting, but it is a display of how much Bryson Tiller has advanced since his last mixtape, Killer Instinct, was released in 2011. All 14 tracks featured on T R A P S O U L are a little bit out of this world: spacey, cosmic, relaxed, and sexy. But that‰’s not to say there are some true bangerz here. “502 Come Up‰” is still as complex as songs like “Exchange,‰” with drum kit sounds and wind chime-like beams that flow alongside the rapping delicately. Yet the song is also a true home banger: something you want to almost burst the base out of your car with.

A Louisville, Kentucky native, Tiller is not only a trap god but also a gamer, and gives specific references to his gaming knowledge in some of his songs, including Dragon Ball Z. How could you not respect that kind of 90s love? But back to the music, “Don‰’t‰” is a fan-wide favorite on T R A P S O U L that also maintains a killer music video with the kind of neon colored filters and deep-seated emotions we all saw in Drake‰’s “Hotline Bling‰” video. “Don‰’t‰” shows a soft side of Tiller.

“Sorry Not Sorry‰” also features a music video, quite unlike “Don‰’t,‰” and granted the songs are dissimilar as well. “Sorry not Sorry‰” is what I‰’m trying to kickback with my friends to, while “Don‰’t‰” is what I‰’m trying to get in bed to. You know what I mean? But I think that speaks the versatility of T R A P S O U L, and the different kinds of feelings and vibes it can evoke simultaneously.

I‰’m glad to feature some good ass trap music on our top ten album, but I‰’m more enthralled to feature Bryson Tiller and hope to get his name out there more.