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Music: The Key to Raising Your Vibrations Without Toxic Happiness

April 6, 2023

It’s inarguable that music drastically affects mood – a multitude of psychological studies and firsthand experiences can easily back up that statement. Seeking positivity in life therefore means valuing high vibrational music and hearing music that not only sounds good, but feels good. However, a careful risk that’s always tiptoed around when spotlighting positivity is toxic happiness; favoring optimism should not mean unhealthily minimizing and denying all negative feelings. But fear not – broadening the music that promotes our happiness without invalidating the rest of our emotions is possible. Just as we must value the entirety of our human emotions, embracing the positivity sprinkled throughout the wide spectrum of genre is the key to ascertaining the best high vibrations. To see a preview of these diverse, distinctive songs all united by being sunshine in music form, take a glimpse at the list below.


“Sun Don’t Shine” by Klangkarussell and Jaymes Young

Summery house music takes center stage for four minutes in this duo’s energetic, rhythmic masterpiece. Enticing, powerful vocals echo within a production of synth, wrapping listeners in a tune of tropical, uplifting beats. Klangkarussell ensures that listeners can’t help but find goodness in the enlivening flow of the music, making the song serve as a reminder of the mere beauty of being alive.


“Hurricane” by Cannons

Riveting instrumentals and glossy vocals craft a dreamy, indie tune that places listeners into a relaxing, peaceful state. Calming lyrics alongside a catchy rhythm is what Cannons does best, and “Hurricane” perfectly captures the band’s alluring, zen energy.


“Waterloo” by ABBA

It’s nearly impossible to wallow in low energy when listening to ABBA. Waterloo embodies the perfect song of rejuvenation and inevitably produces a desire to embrace the happy, captivating rhythm. An upbeat beat defined by cheerful piano alongside ABBA’s trademark vocals that almost sound like they’re sung with a smile allows disco pop to naturally lift the spirits of its listeners. Taking the time to listen to this classic throwback resembles the process of going back to one’s roots and remembering the goodness of life in the first place.


“Just for me” by PinkPantheress

Even as one of PinkPantheress’ most popular – and therefore more overplayed – songs, “Just for me” never fails to craft an atmosphere of tranquility. Harmonious instrumentals of peaceful guitar and enthralling, silky vocals unravel for two minutes of bliss, taking listeners on a short and sweet journey of blended garage and indie pop.


“I’ve Never Been to LA” by Oscar Lang and Wallice

Bedroom pop appears in its purest form in this Oscar Lang and Wallice collaboration. Dreamy, sunny lyrics sang in a sweet tone craft an atmosphere of inspiration, guaranteeing listeners nod their heads along to the song’s bright melody with an optimistic outlook on life. 


“Never Forget You” by Noisettes

Noisettes takes classic pop with a twinge of rock to shape a song of optimism. Vocals of power and confidence, nearly emulating the sound of Amy Winehouse, along a backdrop of cheerful instrumentals leaves a sense of joy and nostalgia. The three minutes of jubilation undoubtedly boosts listeners’ energy and sets them up for feelings of elation.


“FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT” by Bea Miller and Aminé

Bea Miller’s original song “Feel Something” isn’t particularly known for its optimism – self-deprecating lyrics and a chorus of monotonous emptiness capture a picture of disappointment. This remixed version of this song, however, permits dance pop to craft a more rhythmic, invigorating sentiment; while the lyrics remain the same, the positive energy poured into the production of this song composes a uniquely perky and upbeat take on an otherwise dark song.


This array of songs solely offers a window into the music that permits us to embrace joy. Tap into the positive side of life with this list acting as a springboard for finding your own high vibrations

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