Steve Arrington, "Way Out" (Tummy Touch)


Ryan Shepard

If you grew up in an African-American household in the early 2000’s, you have some recollection of Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey and a mixture of old school Rap, R&B, Funk and House, otherwise known as WBLS Kiss FM.

The bottom line is that Steve Arrington’s newest album belongs on WBLS Kiss FM. If you didn’t grow up in an African American household, like the majority of people at AU, then just consider this a classic, solid funk album. Steve Arrington stuck to his guns and delivered the classic, funk sound he is known for. Give Arrington a ton of credit, he’s been around for 35 years now and he doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon.

Recommended Tracks: (D1) 2, 7 (D2) 9, 10