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AU's Student-Run Internet-Only Radio


Credit: Drew Dale.

Texture in Music 3: Percussion (Part 2)

Drew Dale November 11, 2021

Last column just wasn’t enough drums for me, so I’m back with another look into interesting percussive texture. I’ll still be focused on drums in electronic music; widening my scope would make this...

Credit: Genius Images.

Middle School Gothic: When Rock and Roll was Saved

Jessica Anthony November 11, 2021

I sometimes think I was genetically predisposed to liking rock music. My dad, a 90’s metalhead whose favorite band continues to be Metallica, swears my first ever favorite song was "Battery" from the...

beabadoobee performing at the 9:30 club, taken by Ruby.

Beabadoobee 9:30 Club Concert Review

Ruby Werckman November 11, 2021

On November 1st, 2021, beabadoobee had a concert at the 9:30 club. There were two opening acts, the BLACKSTARKIDS and Christian Leave. The line was really long to get in so I missed the beginning of BLACKSTARKIDS’...

Mitski Performing, done with acrylic paint on canvas by Macy Doll

Asian Artist Spotlight: Mitski Miyawaki

Macy Doll November 11, 2021

Mitski Miyawaki, born Mitski Laycock and known mononymously as “Mitski,” is a 31 year-old singer-songwriter based in America. Mitski has released five studio albums, and is the topic of this week’s...

Credit: @_fieldmedic on Instagram

Culture and Cadence: Field Medic: the medic that heals all.

Sam Kuramoto November 11, 2021

Kevin Patrick Sullivan, known by his stage moniker Field Medic, has revived the instrumentation of music past with the themes of today in an incredibly beautiful way. Labeled an indie folk artist, Field...

RL Grime at Echostage.

RL Grime Echostage Concert Preview

Los Angeles Native RL Grime is bringing his energetic bass and mashups to DC's Echostage this Saturday, November 6th. Back with his North American tour dubbed “Community Outreach”, Grime is said to...


This Week’s Theme Song: A Mix-Match of Music

Olivia Barclay November 4, 2021

There cannot be one overall genre of music to describe this week. A lot went on for me this week. One moment I was tired, the next bored, and then energized. So many exciting things happened for me this...

Action Bronson performing at Rolling Loud. Photo credits: Clarise Khan

Grooves for the Move: 2 AM 7 Train

Clarise Khan November 4, 2021

Taking the 7 train back from Rolling Loud every night at 2 AM made me think. A lot. Every night I sat on the hard plastic seat, soaked in rain, exhausted from my voice to my legs. If you, like me, choose...

Credit: Music Tech.

Down the Rabbit Hole: How to get into Instrumental Hip Hop

Andrew Hair November 4, 2021

While studying during this particularly brutal midterm season, I tried to listen to music without any lyrics, which is usually less distracting. I took this opportunity to take a deep dive into Instrumental...

Image Credit: Drew Dale

Texture in Music 2: Percussion (Part 1)

Drew Dale November 4, 2021

I’m pretty biased towards percussive sounds: I’ve been banging out rhythms whenever and wherever I could since before I can remember, and I’ve been (formally) banging out rhythms as a percussionist...

“Seventeen 9th Mini Album Attacca Highlight Medley” on YouTube

Songs that Click: Dance Parties and Spooky Season

Ruby Werckman November 4, 2021

Welcome back to Songs that Click! I will once again be bringing up songs that have really stood out to me this week and discussing why I think they did so and why you should listen to them too. Hopefully... Instagram credit.

Culture and Cadence: From the Dorm to the Club

Sam Kuramoto November 4, 2021

DC is a sleepless city, and the nightlife perfectly embodies this. Like most of the incoming students, I’ve done my fair share of clubbing and getting familiar with the incredible venues that are scattered...

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