Yo La Tengo @ Lincoln Theatre on 9/25

Dani Rosen

For over 30 years, Yo La Tengo has maintained itself as a staple in the indie rock community by culminating a unique, experimental sound used in both their original material as well as their vast array of live and recorded covers. Shortly after announcing their upcoming album “Stuff Like That There‰” this summer (a sequal of sorts to their 1990 album “Fakebook‰Û) they released a music video of their take of The Cure‰’s “Friday I‰’m in Love‰” which is featured on the album. “Stuff Like That There‰Û, while mostly containing covers, has been released with generally positive reviews from critics, with Pitchfork praising it as “a loving portrait of Yo La Tengo‰’s vast musical and social universe condensed into a small wooden frame.‰” Be sure not to miss them on Saturday, September 25th at the historic Lincoln Theatre on U Street!