Futurebirds & Sleepwalkers @ Black Cat on 10/10

Dani Rosen

Courtesy of Black Cat

Hailing from the music town of Athens, Georgia, Futurebirds play a certain style laid-back country-rock that combines backwoods harmonies with pedal steel riffs and atmospheric feedback. Calling their sound “psychedelic country” they are known for their high-energy shows and country rock infused sound.

Combining the soothing sounds of Yanni with the angelic melodies of Enya, Sleepwalkers are sure to be the butter to your bread. As Matthew McConaughey once said, “Sleepwalkers songs are more historically significant than the Declaration of Independence…Nick Cage won’t have to look far to find this National Treasure.”

With a mix of sounds this is one Black Cat mainstage you don‰’t want to miss out on. With tickets only $15 there‰’s really no excuse. 9pm Saturday October 10th, be there or be square.