Discovery Mandy Weekly: I

Amanda Jagus

Courtesy of Narc Magazine

Mondays used to be my least favorite day of the week. It marked the abrupt ending of a relaxing weekend, and with it ushered in a new set of weekday stress. However, my hatred of Mondays changed when Spotify introduced Discovery Weekly playlists. Every Monday morning, instead of begrudgingly rolling out of bed, I now have the chance to listen to new music. The playlist is a blessing or a curse depending on what the music gods (or Spotify‰’s algorithms) have prescribed me that week.

The blizzard had me longing to listen to relaxed music, as I wasn‰’t entertaining any party vibes this weekend. DW provided me with a few songs that perfectly fit the mood. Coming in the number one spot on this week‰’s playlist was “The Only Ones” by Nicole Reynolds. It‰’s upbeat, acoustic, and paired with cheery lyrics that earned it a place on my permanent playlists. Although this song is from 2006, it struck a soft spot because the artist is from my hometown of Pittsburgh.

Falling into second place is “Young and Dumb‰” by The Bird and the Bee. The duo, inspired by their background in jazz, intertwines their roots with electronic beats, which makes for a unique sound that almost put me off at first. However, after listening to “Young and Dumb‰” and their cover of the BeeGees “How Deep is Your Love,‰” I was enamored.

Third out of thirty is awarded to “Hummed Low” by Odessa, which is reminiscent of something that would play in a travel montage of an indie movie (which is a good thing, I swear!). More than once, my roommate caught me swaying in bed while listening to this rhythmic tune. Her album art makes her look like a Tumblr model, which is appropriate because her harmonies are reminiscent of Lorde and other strong female artists.

Honorable mentions for the week go to “Lucifer‰’s Eyes” by T.O.L.D and the Kygo remix of “Sexual Healing” for being good dance tunes, but not jiving with my snowy and relaxed mood.

This week, DW provided me with some chill songs to get through #Snowzilla2016, and also few to bring out when the ice thaws out. Every week I‰’ll provide a mini-playlist of the songs I mentioned and a few that still deserve a listen. Check them out!