DJ Spotlight of the Week: Miss DJDJ

General Manager

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Name of show: Hot Chocolate with Pink Marshmallows on Saturdays 10-11 a.m.!

Three words to describe your show: For your chakras…

What can we expect to hear on your show?
The beauty of “Hot Chocolate with Pink Marshmallows “ is the unpredictability of the music flow. I am inspired by R&B, Rock Classics, dub, rap, acid jazz and anything that appeals to my soul.
For me, the genre is not as important as the content. My music reminds me of “The Wizard of Oz,” where one can expect to embark on the yellow brick road of music. More importantly, one can expect a balanced flow of fun and reflective music. At the same time, I have an appreciation for music that some may categorize as “grimy” as this music speaks of struggle and perseverance.

Your most memorable concert?
Beyonc̩’s “I AM YOURS” tour was fascinating! It was intriguing to see how she had evolved as an artist. She performed and blended music from various genres: reggae, rap, rock, r&b and pop. The diverse audience responded wonderfully to her renditions of other artists. It connected the audience and it also brought the audience closer to her talent. The Beyonc̩ “I AM YOURS” tour was visually and musically stimulating.

Who were some of your favorite musicians in middle school?
Because I was home schooled, I had the pleasure to explore, analyze and listen to various artists. Music was always in our home during homeschool. I was never really swayed by trendy artists. Instead, I grew an appreciation for Nina Simone, John Lennon, Teena Marie, Alicia Keys and Beethoven.

Favorite throwback:
Stephanie Mills’ “Home” holds a special place in my heart. It reminds me of the home that my mother created for my family and me. My home was a dwelling of love, happy memories and priceless times, just like when Stephanie Mills expresses home as a place of peace, love and serenity. On a broader domain, this song makes me reflect on the home that I want to provide for my children, a place that my children yearn to return to. Also, it reminds me how we can create a peaceful home/world for humanity; in the words of Stephanie Mills, “where love is overflowing.”

Fun fact:
I’m a perfectionist who dreams of pink clouds in a warless world.

Favorite D.C. venue:
As a child, The Kennedy Center became a second home as I practiced and performed on the stage! As a child, I remember saying “Wow, this place is gigantic.” The red carpet reminds me that you don’t have to be a celebrity to walk the red carpet. Outside of the red carpet, I was able to go backstage and underneath the stage. Behind the curtains and in front of the curtains are like two different worlds. When music is played at the Kennedy Center, it has an organic feel to it since it is usually live and doesn’t sound commercialized.

Album recommendation:
Nina Simone’s “Bittersweet” album is my all time favorite. The lyrics can be playful, historical and reflective all at once. The rawness of her voice displays her refusal to conform to mainstream expectations. She interacts with the piano in such a fearless fashion.

Dream concert lineup:
Children have some of the most amazing voices! The YouTube Sensation choir, PS22 Chorus, is first on my dream concert lineup. They sing with beautiful passion and joy. It’s almost like their singing is active meditation for them and I enjoy every minute of it. The beauty of it is they are performing without expectations, in contrast to many artists today. They demand the attention of the audience without craving it.

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