How To Get Out of a Music Rut

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Freshman and upperclassmen alike: Beware. The plague is pervading the campus and I‰’m not talking about strep throat (but seriously, y‰’all, wash your hands). I‰’m talking about the MUSIC RUT. If you‰’re fixated on the same four songs, not able to escape “Closer‰” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey, or crying because you used to have such cool music tastes, you might be afflicted by the music rut. As a freshman (or college student in general), you struggle to ~~find yourself~~ and develop your identity. That goes for music too. Personally, I came to college feeling pretty secure in my music tastes, only to find that my tunes were tr̬s uncool, causing me to sink into a vacuum of hipster pop. ‰Twas not my best moment. So, based on my experience, here are 5 tips for coming out of your music rut.

1. Check those features!

One of the best ways to find new artists is to check out the featured artists on some of your favorite tracks. “Holiest‰” by Glass Animals was how I found one of my current favorite artists, Tei Shi. If there‰’s no feature on the track, don‰’t you worry ‰bout a thing, mama! Check out the producers, see what other work they have. Members of your favorite band might have done side projects or collaborated with other artists. Do some digging and see what you can find.

2. Dive into the depths of your music past.

Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. I believe the same for music. There‰’s just no way that your favorite music from the past did not influence your favorite music now. So pop open that good-ole Pandora account, scour the old iPod Nano, and face the music (HA! That was not intentional). See if you can trace your favorite genres and artists now to your favorites from the past.

3. Listen to WVAU.

From drifty hip-hop to bombastic rock, we got your back. Let us help you. Join us. We have cookies.

4. Get Shazam.

Is it sometimes embarrassing to hold up your phone in a hip Adams Morgan coffee shop? Yes. Will you look foolish in front of the hipster barista with funky glasses? Maybe. Should you care? Heck no. Shazam the mess out of your surroundings.

5. Talk to people.

Ask people on the Metro what‰’s in their headphones. Peep your friends Spotify playlists. Stalk your crush on last.fm (do this anyway, just to make sure you are musically compatible). Talk to your parent/guardian about what they listened to as a kid. Randomly message anyone from WVAU on Facebook. It‰’s not weird, it‰’s research.

And my last bonus tip: 

Be open! Find your groove by letting yourself listen to music you‰’ve never listened to before. Don‰’t knock it until you try it! That is also great life advice. You‰’re welcome.

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How To Get Out of a Music Rut