Beauty in Pain

Morgan Bluma

If there is one song in the entire world that I could listen on loop forever, it would be this song. This song appears in one of the best films in the world, In the Mood for Love, where it is repeated several times throughout the film‰’s fairly small soundtrack. Even if you haven‰’t seen the film, this song creates a feeling of longing. The simplicity of this song still causes moments of great sorrow and pain. Music is a very important aspect of film and can create emotions that the scenes cannot by themselves. This film is not like most romantic movies, as it has a great deal of sorrow in it. There are essentially no happy endings in this film. The film is a masterpiece and the music in it, especially this song, help the film reach this status. If I could have a soundtrack for my life, this song would be on it. This song is timeless. It‰’s poetry without words and the soul of romance. As long as there is love, there will be sad stories. As long as there are sad stories, there will be beautiful music. Music that makes us fall in love and out of love as well.

There‰’s a sweet beauty in sorrow and pain. This song is both beautiful and hauntingly evocative of past times that are long forgotten. The piano and violin create a level of sadness that seems to be pouring directly out of someone‰’s soul. I had never before heard this much emotion in one simple song. This is the kind of music that most teenagers no longer appreciate. I want more and more young adults and teens to listen to music like this and go back to the simpler times that this song comes from. In today‰’s society, beauty is missing in most music. When I listen to this song, I long for the past, back when life was just a little simpler and easier. There is sadness and peacefulness in this, which is true for how life is. We cannot live life without sadness and pain. I have a happy personality and a sad soul, and I have an old soul that longs for past times, times I never even got to experience. This song has an old soul. It‰’s soul-lifting and trance-inducing music, which is especially unique and rare these days.

It‰’s okay to be sad sometimes and to feel pain that turns your world a little upside down. No one can be happy and pain-free all the time, and I don‰’t understand why we feel a need to put on this fa̤ade. It might be because as human beings we feel a need to appear strong and unbreakable to others, even though this is simply impossible. Human nature is strange, and it doesn‰’t make much sense that we‰’re driven to live behind facades in order to convince people that we‰’re always doing well. Hope y‰’all listen to this masterpiece of a song and do a little soul searching and just experience some of those buried emotions. Peace out all my little hippies.