Wolf Parade Shakes the Black Cat

Miguel Wilson

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The Black Cat was sold out for a night of creative music on October 22nd. If I could sum up the night I would say eccentric in all the right ways. My musical horizons were pushed well outside of their original parameters. To say the least, I‰’m a new fan of both Wolf Parade and their opening act, Charly Bliss. Charly Bliss set the night off right with a hype set of their best material. Lead vocalist, Eva Hendricks, literally lit up the stage with her wild moves. Her bubbly voice was unlike any artist I have heard out to date. This band served as the perfect prelude to Wolf Parade and their amazing synth-rock set sent from up above.

I really loved the stage presence of Wolf Parade. After one song, I could tell that “sound‰” was very important to this group. I noticed that throughout the concert, there were various instrument changes to ensure that everything was perfect. This truly paid off in the end because they definitely made something more than music. Each person in this group played an instrument. Also, on top of playing their respective instruments, something I really appreciated about this set was the use of both the singers, Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, voices. They seemed to bounce off each other from song to song. They even did a cool layering technique I had never really heard before.

Their newest album, Cry Cry Cry, really showcases this band‰’s strengths. Their unique sound just filled the room to the room. The highlight of the night had to be their anti-Trump song that honestly was dope. Then, much to the delight of longtime fans, Wolf Parade also jammed out to some of their older material. I say this with an emphasis on “jammed‰” because they owned the stage. Everyone from keys to drums was going all the way in with everything they had. Standing in the crowd, I couldn‰’t help but just close my eyes and “fall‰” into the bed of sounds this band created. Like an onion, there were so many layers to what they created.

I‰’m so happy I agreed to attend this concert because it definitely was not what I usually listen to. Nonetheless, good music is good music—there‰’s no denying that. Wolf Parade really knows how to put on a good show. It was almost euphoric—standing weightless—listening to literal art.