Losing One’s Self

Morgan Bluma

You know how essentially everyone has three personalities: with their friends, family, and by themselves. In different spaces, we present different parts of ourselves to fit the situation. There‰’s always that idea of whether to follow your head or your heart. It‰’s in our humanity to adapt. We change who we are according to what is deemed better. There is almost an unspoken rule of how to act in certain situations.

What I love about this unique song is that it focuses on this concept in our lives of how we change for people; we change for what we believe is considered better. This song talks about how we change to please others and to help them feel better about themselves by diminishing ourselves. We are suppressing our true selves in order to appeal to others. We cannot only be part of ourselves in certain situations because that does not represent our true selves. You can either be your whole self or not. It‰’s like we only assemble some parts of ourselves and we are never really our whole self unless alone, away from judgmental eyes. I feel it‰’s important to be our whole selves everywhere we go and with whoever. We need to sit ourselves down and ask ourselves the big question: who am I? It‰’s a tricky question and it‰’s meant to be. This is not an easy yes or no question and makes us truly dive in deep to see those parts of ourselves that we store away.

This is not meant to be a dark, and terrifying question and something wonderful that this song does is talks about this question as to who we are but in a light-hearted way. The instrumental is light and soft making the song have a tone of happiness and content. The lyrics bring in this serious question as to why we feel as humans the need to please others in a way that hides our true selves. This can be answered with how society is set up and how norms affect us but this song wants people to reflect on their individual selves not as a global self. The song also brings into question whether we should continue as we always have been by concealing ourselves or if we should stop presenting only parts of ourselves.

I want this song to make people question themselves and it’s okay not to know who you are. Finding ourselves is part of this journey and can be enjoyable. I feel this song and band deserves more recognition for their approach to music and how to convey meaning within music. This song is able to make you smile and has the ability to allow you to dance around your mistakes without the feeling of shame. The instrumental makes the song a feel-good song yet the lyrics tug at a deeper subject that is considered negative in a lot of views but should be viewed in a positive way. So, I leave you with this to ponder and to not approach this question as of who you are in a negative way. Peace out all my little hippies.